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Forever Season 1 Episode 20 Best Foot Forward

Tonight at art center, bullets student are practice. Their trainer feels good with their performance. after 1st act, their trainer is looking for Eva their lead ballet. One of their employee notice the blood in cloth luggage. She scream after found the ballet foot in it.

Jo, Henry and Hanson go to check the foot, Hanson tell them that Ballet name Eva is missing. Now they don’t found her body yet.

From inspection of her foot, Henry thinks she goes through a lot. Jo tell him about Eva’s brother, they are going to see him. He tell them she has stalker, when Henry see her car he thinks that if they found her car they will find her body.

They found her car but no body, Henry thinks that she might awake and stop her bleed with rubber in trunk.

They go to ask people at art center, they are looking for her stalker. Her trainer that Eva is suppose to replace Odessa, he thinks it’s not her. But they found threaten message on her mirror. They go to see Odessa, then they notice her bodyguard. They thinks he is Eva’s stalker.

They questions both of them, they said they just make her slip but they didn’t touch her. Jo asks him about last day, he said she went to the yard while it’s raining. He didn’t following her more. Henry bring them to the yard where Eva is there, he said as it’s raining she still waiting there, it must be something there.

He check the statue and he found her note, it’s a note that someone has appointment with her. They go to check the hotel in note, they found that she is cut her foot in room. She is attacked by her lover, and her body might dump somewhere near by.

Henry found area where cover with a lot of seagull above, he found her and she still alive. They get them to hospital, they ask her brother about her lover. He said if she has she will tell him.

Jo and Henry go to art center to ask around again, Henry found that her trainer is the secret lover. Hanson tell Jo that Eva is awake and tell him her lover is her trainer.

They question him, he said he never hurt her. At hospital Henry ask her what she is remember, she doesn’t much. Henry notices that suspect didn’t try to kill her, Hanson found that her brother is the one. He has medical surgery experienced, Jo and Hanson go to check his room. He comes back and found them, he run out. They corner him on roof, he try to escape by jump of the roof but he failed down dead.

At morgue, after Henry get tox screen for her foot. He found that her foot has only 1 year left for dancing and she knows that. He goes to see her, she tell him that she doesn’t believe that he did that to him. Henry tell her that he thinks he cut off her foot as she asks, he help her to alive until police found her.

She will maintain her status forever with press, she say nothing and leave.