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Gotham Season 1 Episode 17 Red Hood

Group of men include one with red hood, they enter to rob the bank. One of guard shoot at him, but he miss all. They get out and found polices coming, the red hood throw the money people comes and block police to reach them.

Gordon and Harvey go to the bank, they check the security tape.  Manager secretary said that guard he refused to wear glass, so he miss the shot. They found they used to come and put some firework.

At night Reginald comes to see Alfred, he is his friend from earlier. He serves with Alfred before. Bruce asks him to stay few day.

Gordon and Harvey check the security and found man in red hood is work at kleg’s auto. He is the one who fire firework to case the bank.

At kleg’s auto they are argue with the man about his hood, he said his hood give him luck. His boss shot him dead and get his hood.

Fish meet the represent of the place, she found the boss is Dulmacher. She said that she will talks when he’s back.

At club Oswald get problem, all booze are come from Maroni and he doesn’t want to sell to him.

Gordon and Harvey found a man in red hood in fridge, they think they might have some argument. The red hood gang show up again in bank, he also throw out the money to people. At station witness from restaurant near by see the red hood man again while he parks his van.

At night Oswald bring his people to get booze, he going to charge them. Butch shows up he already get it for them.

Fish failed to negotiate with them, they try to get her eye. She take it out by herself and destroy it.

Gordon and Harvey get the witness to point the suspect, but they release him back and following him back home. They plan to have them all gang, but when the suspect get home he is shot by one of his crew for the hood. Gordon and Harvey found him alive, and found their next target.

Last night Alfred’s friend stab while his friend takes out some items from house, next day red hood man and gang go to bank. But before get in, Gordon and Harvey with polices surround them. They have gun fight, they all killed.

Alfred’s friend is hire by people in board of Wayne. They are start to make a move at Bruce.