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Forever Season 1 Episode 18 Dead Men Tell Long Tales

A man pour drinks for his friends in a bar, he tell them to keep quiet. At home he found someone in his house, he is stabbed by someone.

At Abe’s shop, he shows Henry Thompsons’s old map he just got. Jo comes and takes him to see body on boat. He is Rick, is stabbed by antique Harpoon, at morgue after check his body he tell Jo that the victim just get back from sea.

Jo asks what is he get back, they tell her that they found gold in his mouth. Like one when check is it pure, so now they have motive.

They go to check his warehouse, they found stuff that he savages from ship. Henry remember this is a ship where he was shot, he tell her it’s slave ship.

Henry tell Abes about it, that night he get on ship. He try to release the slave, he said after he went for key he never back. All slaves in there died, it’s his mistakes. Abes tell him that he can’t blame himself.

Jo and Hanson found the bar where treasure hunter goes there, they go to check. In Bar, his friends try to moan Rick. But seem they are not likely to talk to them, Henry notices one of Rick crew. But seem he afraid to talk, he said that he never been on his ship. He left, Henry tell Jo and Hanson that this man is looking by the other man. They should following them.

Henry found that his bartender is diver, and she recently dive. She then looking toward 2 men Henry mentions to Jo. He following them outside, he see one man ask what he tell Henry about. He asks them which one killed Rick, they try to escape. Jo and Hanson show up and cuff them.

They first question Chappy, he said he didn’t killed Rick. Because only him know where is the gold, now nobody know. They questions Davey, seem Rick trust him but not other new guy. Henry asks as he is diver, he knows why it’s sunk ? he said no.

Now they question Margo, the bartender. Henry also ask her about ship, she said Rick has a map that why he found ship. Now they think that he is too focus on ship than investigation, they remove him from case.

Abes suggest Henry that in warehouse must full or clue, At night they go to check it. They found a crate with remain, after check his skull Henry thinks he might be one of the slave he try to release. Then they hear someone coming.

They found him is looking for something, and he didn’t care about antique. Then he heard noise he run out and met Jo and Hanson. They also see Henry and Abes.

Jo and Hanson question him, he said he goes to see Rick to get what he owed. He tell them the ship is too deep, they can’t reach it. They even lost a diver, he said that he and Rick were friends for long time. As he has to prepare for this deep, he has to refinance some money. They are real pirates.

At morgue, Henry and Lucas check the remain of slave. But they are surprise why he get the coffin. Jo comes to tell him about new suspect, Rick refinance with a million dollar. Money comes from Lagos group, owner is Isaac. She said there is party at night, they go to see him.

At party they found him, but he’s not willing much to talks to them. In party he shows the audience the gold from ship, then he just donated it to charity.

He tell them that Rick hand him the gold, he is willing to go to station with them. Henry leave because get called from Adam, then he try to flirt with Jo. Jo feel awkward and leaves, Henry found Adam in party, he knows he died from the ship. He asks him how he get killed, he said with captain gun. Adam shows him it, he tell him that now that gun is worth more than anything. He asks him why, before he answer Jo comes in He flee.

At morning, Jo get big flower from Issac. Hanson said that his alibi is checked, she can date with him. Next day Adam send him that gun. He see the magazine about diver, Brock is diver who died in search of ship has a same eye as Margo. He thinks of something, he has to see Jo.

But Jo is going to see Issac at his room, Henry tell this to his boss instead. He thinks Margo killed Rick because he made her relative dead. At same time, Margo also heading to Isaac’s room.

Isaac invite Jo for diner, he said he cooks. After diner they are going to kiss, then Margo shows up. After Jo get off the toilet, she see Margo already stab Isaac. She try to calm her down, Henry and Hanson arrives to his room. They knock, Margo panic Jo get chances to drop her knife.

They fight, a loud noise go out. Henry said that’s not sex they storm the door. Jo already get Margo, Isaac still alive she just knock him down.

At station, Henry asks Issac about ship. He thinks he is the one who wants to get that ship. He asks him about ship story, he tell him that one of crew is killed. Then key fell from his hand, and one of slave get it. They get out and take control of ship, but ship is damaged. So while they head north, it sunk. Only map and story survived.

That night Adam call him, he tell him that only weapon killed them can really killed them. Henry now feel the clock ticking, he never feel it before.