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Gotham Season 1 Episode 16 The Blind Fortune Teller

During Gordon and Lilie watch the circus, the crown and the acrobat start to fight each other. He has no choice but stop them, he found that their fight start from dancer Lila. He and Lilie goes to see her, but instead they found her son.

They found her dead body on truck near by, Gordon ask the people from circus He thinks he knows, he said that he found her like that. Gordon cache them all and question them.

Gordon question Grayson and Loyld, both of them said that they kill Lila so they start fight.

Fish group the inmate and start to bargain to the guard, when they arrive she request for supply in order to exchange for live inmate. They refused, she tell her men to kill that inmate. She make them afraid and leave.

At station, Paul the psychic show up to see Gordan and Liele. He tell them the Lila’s message, Lee found that where is that message. It’s the park under the bridge, they go there and found axe with blood on it.

Gordon and Lee question Paul again, he said he knows that he plant the axe and let them found and blame to someone else. He thinks he try to protect someone, he get Jerome Lila’s son into question.

Gordon said that he killed his mother, Paul help him to clean up and throw out the axe. He thinks that Paul is his father that why he help him, he confess. Jerome suddenly changed, he laugh a lot. He suddenly angry, he said she should never nagging why doing.

Oswald’s club doesn’t goes well not many guest, Victor shows up with Butch. He said Falcone tell him to change Butch, now he will help him run the club. He said he will do anything he said.

At prison, Fish get the deal now she goes up to see who is the boss.