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Forever Season 1 Episode 17 Social Engineering

A hood man is sitting in cafe, he is hacking the TV Show, while they on air about security. He is the faceless, he expose his secret to the world.

After news on morning, Henry get called from Jo. They go to his room, they found Eric lie down dead. Henry found some gas in room, he said it’s a lot enough to put him down. Then suddenly everything is his room start, seem he link it to timer on his phone.

Hanson found the trapdoor, he found mask of faceless inside. And there is online camera still on line, someone watching them.

At station guy from cybercrime division come to see them about case, they said Eric tell them he’s member of the faceless. From his laptop, he can’t get anything much. They said someone hack to his program and make the air out and make him died.

They give them few list of their suspect, they tell Jo and Hanson to wait nothing they can do. Jo is frustrate and goes to see Henry at morgue, she said that cybercrim division takes care. Henry ask her about how he died, she tell him that the program stop and put the gas between times. Henry thinks it’s not possible to killed him, He said one way to know to try it.

Cybercrime division found the computer where send the program, while Jo and Henry let the gas in room and check the level and time. After time, he said the gas still low, he might pass out but not dead. He back to check his body again, he found that killer was there in his apartment just slightly press he will dead.

They go to tell Hanson and Cybercrime, while they think they get the killer. He is CEO one of the company Eric expose. They question him about it, he said that he has an alibi, she said Eric get the food from his party. He said his assistant take care about it.

They go to ask the catering of his party, the manager doesn’t remember him. Henry notices one of his employee has tattoo. They following her inside the kitchen, they ask her about Eric, she is Liz. He notices her eye brown pierce, he think if she kill with him it might left the mark he found on Eric. She then suddenly run off.

They chasing her, she control the light and make it green to let her pass. Finally she escape, but she drop her phone. They found she is …, they found someone name warlock help her changed the traffic light.

They bring warlock to question him, he accept that he was with Eric that night. But he didn’t killed him, he tell them that Eric cheated on Liz.

At night in morgue, Liz send message to Henry. She dig his past and found something about him, she threaten to expose him if he won’t help her. She said she wants the death certificated. He refused, she said she will contact later.

Next day Liz comes to see him at Abe’s shop. She tell him that she is not killer, Eric didn’t cheated on her. He did to get the code, now she asks him for certificated. Otherwise she will expose him, he hand her the certificate. Then he changed his mind and tear it down, she is upset and leave she said she warned you.

She cross the road while she is sending the info, the car hit her dead. They found Someone change the traffic’s light to killed her, they are going to bring warlock back again. Henry wants to side with Liz in hospital.

Jo questions warlock, he said that someone at NYPD changed the code. Jo rush back to hospital, Henry while with girl from cybercrime with Liz. He notices that she really angry at Liz, he asks her why. Then he realized that she is Eric’s lover, one who gives him the code.

He asks her while she has to back there personally, she said she has to wipe his computer. but he still barely alive, she has no choice but killed him.

She tell him that she also knows that his record is fake, while they talk Liz has seizure. But nothing alarm because they disconnected her, she tell him to let her goes. She threaten him otherwise his secret will reveal.

Henry decided and press the alarm, he try to pump her up. Jo and Hanson found that girl from cybercrime is changed the code, they are at hospital. She is talking to her partner from cybercrime, she said they will knows how she fool. She step down and get hit by ambulance.

Next day Jo asks him about his past, but seem someone buried his past. Then his computer get message from Liz, she helps him.