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Gotham Season 1 Episode 15 The Scarecrow

At raining night, a man come to his home. He found that there is no light, then he notices 2 men in his room. They scare of him out loud.

Gordon and Harvey go to check his room, they found he also is removed his fear gland. Dr. Crane use the gland he took, and get the adrenaline from it. He inject himself and he start to see the illusion.

Oswald tell Falcone about Maroni, he tell him to decorate Fish’s club and reopen it. He will takes care Maroni.

Gordon and Harvey found Crane, he is school teacher. They goes to find him, his principle tell them about his wife in car accident. She also tell them about his works, seem he believe that fear can evolution human. They thinks Crane fear the victim then harvest their gland.

Boat that Fish use to leave Gotham is attack by pirate, she is captured by them. In prison she take control of all inmate by kill boss inside.

Oswald bring invite letter to his new club to Gordon, but he refused to join him. Gordon said he doesn’t want him here. Oswald tell him that soon later he will need his help.

Falcone make deal to Maroni to let Oswald goes, while Harvey and Gordon stuck on Crane. Harvey tell him to get Oswald’s help, but he refused. They check the accident about Crane’s family, they found what he’s fear. They go to his old house, at their house after Crane inject it to his son to make him cure from fear.

His son doesn’t want anymore, he run out but he convinced him to continue. Gordon and Harvey arrive at their old house, they alert them. They escape from house and He decided to inject it to his son, he start to see scarecrow moving. They following them and found them, Crane said he has no fear.

He start to shoot at them, Harvey and Gordon shoot him to death. Gordon found his son has seizure. They take him to hospital.

Maroni goes to see Oswald at his club, he tell him now they are good but if Falcone is gone he will too. He leave him panic.

At hospital, doctor tell Gordon that the boy will survive but he will always see things he fear the most all the time.