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Forever Season 1 Episode 16 Memories of Murder

At night a girl get the call from someone, she asks him not to call again. Some one open her door and enter.

Next day she found dead at dump site, Jo and Hanson found her body they think probably she is prostitute. Jo needs Henry to check her.

At morgue after Henry check her body, he notices all her body are vintage from her nail polish, her hair spray and her dress. After check the missing person, Hanson found that she is Sarah. She is report missing by her roommate, Jo will goes to question her.

Seems she doesn’t know much about her, Henry found her dress is vintage. She said suddenly she changed, Jo asks her if she know what cause her change ?

She said she obsess with one class, they go to check the class. They found that Iona is the teacher of that class. They tell her about Sarah, she tell them that Sarah comes to see her and tell her that she is in role-playing relationship.

At garbage site, Lucas and Hanson found the trace of blood on junk mail that come from same address. Jo and Henry go to check that apartment, owner said that she pay rent on time. When they open in, they found vintage room.

Henry said that every pieces in this room is match with 70, except one small mat on the floor.  He said usually it not suppose to be on floor, he open and found blood under it.

Jo found a Polaroid of Sarah under bed, after check Henry said that it’s actually come from 70. so looks like someone wants Sarah to dress and act like someone on 70.

At station, Hanson show Jo and Henry about video from her laptop. It’s an audition video she acts like the woman in 70, he ask Jo to ask Iona about it.

After look Iona said that her fantasy is about control, she said they should looking for man in 60 like doctor, scientist who likes to control. From the detail from video, Henry remember that there is old apartment near by dump site.

They go to ask the previous tenant of that apartment, he tell him about Sarah. But seem he doesn’t know her, Henry show him another old picture. He said he doesn’t know, Henry start to fold it. He start to panic and asks him stop.

Henry asks him who is she ? He said she is his wife , Catelyn. She died years ago, Jo asks him about Sarah. He confess that he was there with her, he said he thinks he killed her.

At station, he confess them that he met her few weeks ago. She looks alike his wife, he re-model that apartment. He hired her so he can takes her picture, so he can keep the memory goes on. But she bring her stuff that made him angry, he think he might stab her. He confess that with fondue fork, he stabbed her.

Henry doesn’t believe him, Jo thinks that he wants case on because he wants to see Iona. She said he just asks her out, the case is closed.

During the date with her, Henry talks about case. Once Iona heard the confession, she thinks it’s not match his profile. He wants only to preserve, she tell him that the way to understand fantasy is to get into it.

They go that apartment, they play the fantasy. While they acts following them, Henry found that he spilled his drink. He should clean it but why he miss it ? He thinks she must slip something else in the drink.

He back to morgue to check the spilled, he found that he is drugged and make to believe that he killed her. Next day he tell this to his team, Jo and Hanson questions him about drug. He said he never used, but he knows what’s it. Seems he knows who did it but he still try to cover with someone.

Henry thinks he try to cover his daughter. From her history seem she has history to possess ketamin. They question her, seem they are distant. He blame on her that she make him remind of her mother. But she has a alibi, she worked.

She said one day some one dress like her mother pass by, she goes to see but she’s not Sarah. In Iona class, Sarah’s roommate also there. After class she wants to see Iona for switching her major.

Henry and Jo found that killer might obsess with Sarah, they think of her roommate. While Jennifer is talking to Iona, she found out that killer is Jennifer. She try to call Henry but Jennifer back, and hit her head.

She wake up and found Jennifer hold the iron in her hand, she try to calm her down. But then she heard someone knock the door, she is panic and stick it into her neck try to shut her up. Henry knock for a while but there is no answer, he see the telephone out of stand. He break in and see she hold her, Jo aim at her and ask to let her goes.

They take her to hospital, she out of surgery and safe.