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Gotham Season 1 Episode 14 The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Dr. Crane throw a man from the building roof, he listen his heard beat before throw him down. At Maroni’s place, while he celebrate the lost of Fish with Oswald, Fish call him. She tell him that Oswald is Falcone’s man, Maroni suspect him. He takes him out side the city.

Gordon found that Cat is lie to him and she is not see anything, he tell Bruce about it. Bruce tell him that he will find the truth by himself.

One of his sponsor Mullen comes to see Harvey about dead guy Adam Jodowsky, she tell him that he was in phobia’s group. He asks her about the meeting, she said it has tonight.

Dr. Crane with small pig, he goes to see a man. He is so scare and start to run, then he is kidnapped by his man. Gordon and Havey found the trace of victim that tie with the man to some old office, they go to check it.

There they heard someone scream, they found a man in pig mask is going to kill a man on chair. They shot him dead, but they found a man pass out by scare to death. Harvey think it might has something in the Phobia’s meeting he goes there.

Maroni confront Oswald about truth what Fish tell him that he play him for a whole time. Oswald get his gun and shoot him, but it’s blanks. He beat Oswald badly.

Gordon tell Harvey that 2nd victim just wake up, he tell him that he is abducted by 2 men. So another one still out there, Harvey goes to at meeting group and he meet Dr. Crane. In meeting he tell everyone in group that he has illness from his father and he afraid to pass it to his son. He then run out, Mullen following him out.

Maroni is going to crush Oswald to death, but Oswald trick and escape. Maroni is so upset.

Harvey notices that they both goes too long, he following them. Crane abduct her and takes to swimming pool. Harvey and Gordon following them there, they could rescue her but they lost him.

Gordon learned from Lielie that the 1st victim is removed fear gland. She said at the time human die, it will produce a lot of adrenaline there. He recruit her as medical exam.