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Gotham Season 1 Episode 13 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Harvey tell Gordon that nobody found Fish yet, now they are working on case. One of uptown assassin found hanging dead. Gordon notices something from his shoe, they found night janitor that is a witness. But he is killed by killer before he could give the sketch.

Bruce are looking for Cat, he meet Ivy instead. He pass his message to her, Butch comes to rescue Fish from Falcone’s men.

Gordon is upset because his witness died on him, he thinks it’s a cop who kill him. He questions all guard that day but nobody talks. He asks Harvey to help him, he can get something now from guards. They tell him he’s Delaware, Gordon goes to ask him, Gordon search his car and found same things from body. He arrest him, but his captain get him out from case.

Fish tell Butch that she will goes no where until she kill him, Oswald get Fish’s club from Falcone. Now he’s looking for them to finish his job.

Harvey tell Gordon that Flass is protected by powerful people, also the commissioner but he thinks that Flass can link to the murderer. They go to check one of his stash house, he found Delaware and some cop working on pack the drug. Delaware shows him the warrant to clean up the stash house.

Commissioner close the witness case as suicide, Gordon is very upset that he can’t do anything. He goes to see Oswald, he wants to get some info about Flass. He said he will call someone and get it, after Gordon left. He quite celebrate his winning at club, then he see Fish and Butch come.

Victor and his men found that Fish escape, he shot the survivor dead. Bruce learned from Cat that she is lied, she never see his face.

Fish beaten Oswald badly, he tell her that he works for Falcone for whole time. Victor comes and start to shoot at her, they chasing them down the tunnel. Butch try to slow them down and let her run off. He is caught by Victor.

Oswald’s man bring Gordon the evidence, Flass kill him with ice pick and tell Delaware to get rid but he keeps it for blackmail. He goes to arrest him, but he resists. He said he’s protected, nobody touch him. His boss arrest him herself.

Harvey goes to meet Fish, she said she will leave for a while and back he tell her not to come back. She said she will, she asks him to help Butch.

At night Delaware comes to beg Gordon to let his family out of this.