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Forever Season 1 Episode 14 Hitler on the Half Shell

Today Abes get the nurse comes to check his health for his insurance, she asks him about his parent. He said they died in Poland, Henry tell him that they can go to check at museum about their record one more time.

Jo call him that there is murderer, he goes to see the body. Then he looks excited, he found the statue in victim house. Hanson said victim is Karl the art dealer, he thinks killer break the window and get in. Seem nothing missing, but Jo said the paints are missing.

He found the mark on body, seem he is hit with something hard with sawasdika on it. Henry found that he is hit by the statue and it’s real. He tell them last time Nazi march to Paris and stole it.

At morgue they autopsy his body, after check Hanson tell them that his father is SS of Nazi. Seem they stole a lot of art and fled to US along with all art. Now everything belong to Karl, Jo notices that his son come.

They question him about his father, they tell them about his parent. He doesn’t wants to believe. At morgue Henry found more trace, from his shoe he can tel where he has been near sea. And from his watch, he said only watchmaker can works on this and it seems just work on it. They found one of watchmaker is at a beach.

They ask him about Karl, he said he gaves this watch to him few days ago because he gives him the Monet paint. He said this paint belong to his family before Nazi, Karl track down him and return it.

He tell them that Karl wants to return all paints to right owner. Jo call Henry after she found DNA which found at Karl’s room. She said it belong to Max the dead artist, Henry thinks that DNA belongs to his relative.

Jo and Hanson go to check Sam’s apartment. He is Max’s son, while they are in his house they see he hold chainsaw bleed out the lamb. They ask him to stop, Jo ask him about a paint she found. He said he did it, Jo ask him is he sure ? because that paint has Nazi’s mark.

They question him at station, he said that he asks Karl to return paint that belong to his family. But he refused, he tell them that one night he break in and stole that paint. He heard him argue with someone on phone. When he left he still alive.

Henry believes him because he takes care his father paint carefully but the killer just cut the other paint without any care.

Today the caller comes to Abe’s shop. He is selling him something, Abes said that he needs his expert to check and estimate first. He give him his card before left.

They found who is on phone with Karl that night, he is Julian works at bank. He said that they argue about date to auction. They are confused because seem Karl try to return, he show them the vault.

Inside they are a lot of art, he said that he and Karl try to track down the next kin to return. But sometimes it’s difficult to do, he said Karl keep the piece that they found owner in his apartment.

At morgue Jo found Henry is diagnose the frame, he said from the material he can say who paint it. He check one of the paint that is cut, it’s from Rembrandt. He said he used lead and tree poison, who touch it with bare hand will get hash.

Henry notices that while they talk to Julian he has hash on his hand, Jo asks the warrant and go to see him. His manager tell them that he was here in morning, and now he close all exist. They open the vault they found that all art are gone.

Hanson tell Jo now they BOLO on him, she thinks that he might escape by boat like Nazi. He ask him about his brother who works on pier to help.

Henry back to Abe’s shop and found thing that caller left, he found that this tray is belong to his family. Abe’s give him the card, Henry try to hide his anxious and tell him he will takes care.

Henry goes to see the caller, he said he wants to apologize for his earlier action. He knows about Karl’s father, but he said he’s not Nazi. He said that he is captured by Nazi, and experiment by Jesef. They are tortured him for a long time to find immortal to Hitler. He said he just wants the Roman dagger that Nazi get from him, in exchange he will gives him something.

Jo and Hanson go to the pier, while she is there few blood drop from one container. After they open, they found Julian is hang inside with all marks in body and dead.

At morgue, Henry said he found piece of killer skin in his hand. He tell Jo that he thinks the killer who kill Julian and Karl are different. Killer who kill Julian is killed with hate, while who kill Karl he killed with his love.

Henry thinks that killer after kill Karl will close his eye, he said it’s his son. Jo now questions him at station, she tell him they know that he is with him that night.

He confess that it’s an accident, he doesn’t happy that his father return art while he has no money. They fight and accident happen, but he didn’t kill Julian he needs him to sell the art.

Lucas tell him that after check DNA from Karl’s killer, he found the vaccine from old disease. Henry knows it’s the caller.

Today the caller comes to sell his tray, while Abes back to get his receipt. The caller left something for Henry. Abes found that it’s a book from Julian.

Henry comes back and found Abes looking on the book, he found his number from the book and found who is his parent. Henry tell him that guy is Adam the caller. Seem he has no intention to harm him, because they share same experience with Nazi.