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Gotham Season 1 Episode 12 What the Little Bird Told Him

Gruber and Aaron are on loose, he goes to see Irwin to get his stuff and him. At station commissioner come to brief about Gruber’s case, he wants to see Gordon and Harvey. Gordon propose him to put him as 1st grade of police, commissioner said OK but he has 24 hours.

Enigma tell them that Gruber’s real name is Buchinsky, he changed his record to get to Arkham. They think he has a partner, they just found the van Gruber stole. Gordon found Irwin’s shop near by.

They go to check inside, they found body and Irwin gone crazy. While Liza is back home, Fish’s men kidnapped her. Fish tell her that now she is going to make move on Falcone, Fish disguise her voice and call Falcone. Liza fake that she is captured and sufferer.

Dr Liele comes to see Gordon, she tell them about doll Mr. M that Gruber wants him suffer, the face of it looks like Maroni.

Gruber is at Maroni’s shop now, while Falcon ask Oswald to see him because Liza is kidnapped. While he is going out he is shock by door, one of his man come in with the electric bomb. It’s explode his shop, but nobody died.

Gordon asks Maroni about Gruber, he thinks he is one his partner. But he acts like he doesn’t know him, he tell him that Gruber is going to hurt him. He propose to use him as bait to capture him.

He brings them to station, Oswald is wakes up but during he pass out he did slip that that he has to see Falcone. Maroni is upset about him.

Fish call Falcone to exchange of leave Liza, he has to leave Gotham. He agreed, Fish thinks that after he leave his rival will get him. She thinks at least she will get him safe, she asks Liza to stay with him a while.

Gruber now is drilling through the wall and put the wire on building. It shock a lot of people inside, Gruber and Aaron comes in to take Maroni. Gordon is waiting him, but he knock his gun out with his electricity. Aaron also attack him, but he knock him down.

Gruber start his machine again, Gordon splash him the water. It destroy his machine, he finally captured him.

Next day he and commissioner announce the arrest of Gruber, and he become 1st grade police.

Oswald goes to see Falcone, he tell him about Liza that she is plant by Fish. He doesn’t wants to believe him. Falcone get the meeting with Fish soon at her place.

Falcone meet Fish, she wants him to sign the paper then he can leave. He said he wants to see her first, but once he see her he knows the truth. Now his men takes control of her place. Falcon strangle Liza to death, he tell his men to lock them.

Oswald walks in, Falcone said that he has few times to talks to her. She will need to be somewhere else.