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Forever Season 1 Episode 13 Diamonds Are Forever

A thief break in the diamond’s shop, he grab diamond and before leave the shop he break the camera. At Abes’ place, he found one of his antique is stolen. He asks Henry to find it, he tell him something not useful.

A thief knock several times on one door, Jo comes down at her door and found no one. Next morning police found body near her house, when Jo looks at the body he’s the thief from last night. Hanson thought it might be an accident, but Henry said it’s a hit.

Seem car hit him and run back to finish him, at morgue after Henry autopsy his body. He tell Jo that victim must be done a lot by police. Hanson tell them that he’s Aaron, but once Jo read his file then she act strange.

Hanson tell Henry that the DA who put Aaron in jailed is her late husband. That’s why she act strange. After called Jo said that they just found Aaron’s DNA in robbery last night.

Jo and Henry question his wife, she defense him that he change and he will not back to do bad thing anymore. Henry seems believe her, but not Jo.

They go to the diamond’s shop, she introduce him detective Dunk. Henry tell her that Dunk like her, she asks him about the case. Henry after check he said Aaron didn’t rob the place, Hank ask Jo is he make fun ?

Henry explain that theif try to use left hand. He said from his condition, he can’t knock down the security camera. He said he wants police to see the video that’s why he break it after he rob.

Police from theif’s mask near by, after check it Henry found something he thinks he found. While Jo and Hanson get files from DA office, now they are checking his files.

Henry show them his mask, he said the thief body has a smell because diabetes. If they found one of Aaron’s associated like this it might be the thief. From Aaron’s file, Henry found one that has the symptom, Diego.

They go to check his parole officer, they tell them his address at warehouse. Once they show up they flee, Jo and Hanson following them. They are ambush, Hanson is hit. They are pin down Jo, Hank comes in and said that now suspect is dead. He is killed by him.

While Henry autopsy Diego, he found a diamond in his body. He swallow the bag of it in his body, he asks Abes to check he said after check it worthless.

Henry still can’t figure it out, Hanson asks Henry to let the case close. Henry asks Lucas to check the scene where Aaron is hit, he thinks he miss something. He found the fist of Aaron is taint with red color, where is it come from.

Henry found that it comes from red door, and that door belong to Jo. She asks them why they are here. He tell her that Aaron came last night, she said she heard someone knock door. Henry said that Aaron might comes to see her husband.

When they talk to Aaron’s wife, she is very appreciate Jo’s husband. He did help him a lot. At night they go to bar to have drinks, Jo wake up in morning at Abe’s place.

Henry gives her some hang-over tonic from Abes, then they realize that someone might get benefit from thief that stole the fake. After check the file again, Jo found that Phil is also his associate, and he’s own the shop. Hang and Jo go to see him, Henry back at morgue he meet Hanson.

He suspect something about his wound, after he check he thinks Diego didn’t fire it. He thinks that might be someone can plant the gun on Diego and easier to shot him. Hanson is thinking about Hank, and now he’s with Jo.

While in car with Hang, Jo notices something about him. Jo call the station, Henry pickup her call. She try to trick him to speak, she knows it’s him because her husband is DA. His address is secret, but Hank following Aaron so he knows where is her address.

Hank said that he caught Phil for scam, they made agreement to plan Aaron to take a fall. But that night Aaron met him, he has no choice but kill him. Now he takes her to no body area, he’s going to kill her.

Henry tell her to crash the car while she run at 60 mile/hour. But she needs to hit the middle of barricade, she following his suggestion. She hit it.

They rush to see her at that barricade, she is safe. Hank has hundred of broken bones in hospital. The case now closed.