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Gotham Season 1 Episode 11┬áRogues’ Gallery

At night, Gordon while standing look the show from patient in Asylum. He has to stop the chaos from patient that start to fight. He is complaint by mr. lang that it’s his fault, he tells him if one more incident he will send him away.

Gordon meet Dr. Leslie, she comes to fix the injured patient from the incident. Cat found Ivy is sick and get the rain, she takes her to Gordon’s apartment.

Gordon found one of the patient unconscious┬áin his room, he takes him to see Leslie. She said his brain is fried, Mr. Lang come and said it’s his fault again. Gordon tell him that they need much more equipment to take care, but he doesn’t care he asks Gordon to find who did this on Friday.

Gordon found that during fight in play, one of guard lost his key. At Fish’s place, she try to convince 2 of Falcone’s fellow to fight Falcone.

Gordon questions everyone in that play, but he get nothing. At night he found another patient is fried his brain. Gordon thinks that whoever did this is the staff, Mr. Lang doesn’t believe him. He tell him that he already called police.

Harvey comes to help him, he corner Mr. Lang to help them investigation. He takes him to station to questions him, while Gordon dig all patient file. He see the blue print of the Asylum, there is a basement. Nurse tell him that it’s closed down because of toxic chemical.

Harvey found from Mr. Lang that there is a new Nurse that he doesn’t know, Gordon following her to basement. Leslie show up, he try to get her out. That nurse is panic and running. Harvey call him that nurse is also patient, Gordon now is running after her.

She goes to open all cells to make chaos, they are running after Leslie. On the way she trip down and she is beat by feet of a crown. Gordon rescue Leslie out of the building safety, but they found that she is also victim.

Gordon back and found Lang is dead, he tell him it’s Gruber before he died. Gruber take aaron with him, he make him believe and following him.