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Forever Season 1 Episode 12 The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn

A kid get start from be a waiter at his father’s restaurant, he make the big CEO interesting in him. After that CEO following him and invest by his suggest, now at the party they are celebrate their profit that come from his idea.

Next day they found him drown and dead, Jo and Lucas go check the body. New ME doesn’t even check body before give her detail, Lucas said they miss him so much. Seem Henry is missing for weeks, where is him ?

Abes asks Henry when he so busy on autopsy the mouse, when he will goes back to work ? While they argue, Abes get call from his friend. He tell him that his son is dead.

At morgue, new ME gives Jo the report. And forbid Lucas to make any unneed suspicious. Henry shows up, and do all autopsy again.

Jo and Henry question his father about his works, he talks about his girlfriend. Jo and Henry go to see her, while Jo question her. Henry found hidden trap on his floor, he found 100K of money but she said it’s not that much. He also found key with his money.

They found that they worked on Clausten capital, they go to see his office. Henry takes key and try to find the lock, instead they found tail of blood at his room. They go to meet his boss Clausten, but they don’t get much from him.

Henry found that Kevin fought with Jason few days ago, they go to see him at garage. They tell him about his dead, he seems surprise.

Henry found piece of his car in garage, he thinks he is in the trunk before he get killed. Then they heard that man drive the car out, Henry goes out and block his car. Jo help him from hit, that man hit his car and stop.

Jo question him, he said then his car arrive it’s not Jason who drive. They found that one of print is match to Val. Jo and polices go to meet him again. Jo arrest him in front of his team. On the way they meet Clausten, but he said no another word.

Abes and his friends found that the lock of Jason’s key. It’s on Clausten’s boat, they are planning to get in. They get in and get some paper from this lock.

At station Val, refused everything. Jo scare Val a lot. He decided to confess, he said Oliver call him at night to get rid his body from the pool.

Jo get the warrant and search his house, Henry found water in pool match with Jason. Pieces of glass from bottle wine in pool also match what they found  in his body, Jo get call from her boss. She said Clausten’s assistant confess that she is a killer.

Jo questions her, she said he try to rape her so she throw bottle to him and make him drown. She doesn’t buy.

After Henry back home, Abes introduce him his accountant’s friend. He tell him that all paper Clausten send is fake, Henry after know this he is upset because they get it wrong way. He realize something, he call Jo.

Jo tell Melanie that she heard that SEC will press charge on Clausten, if she take money from him to help him. SEC will found all money and she will be left for nothing, she decided to tell the truth.

Jo and FBI go to his company, they are destroying documents. They still don’t find Clausten yet, Henry notices something at P2. He following to check, Clausten found him and try to run him. He step outside his car and wait, Jo arrives and shot his car until he stop.