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Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 LoveCraft

Wayne’s gardener found a strange woman in the garden, he tell her to get out. But she said she is in the place that she has to be and she start attack him. 2 More men coming, she tell one of them to open him, she paint his blood on her face.

Alfred goes to open the door when he hear the bell, strange woman disguise as injured from car accident. He let her in, Bruce and Cat come down from ladder and see them. Once she see Cat, she smirk evil. Alfred notices that something wrong, he tell them to run.

She leave him with her men, and following the kids. They hide in the hidden closet, strange woman and one of her man are coming to them. From hidden passage they run out the house, Bruce hesitate he wants to go back to help Alfred. She ignore him and run out. Bruce notices that woman and her man coming, he following her to wood.

Alfred following them and shot one of them, he following them in to wood. He lost them, he call police. He tell Gordon that he is going to find them, Harvey and Gordon said that they better to focus on woman and her men who are they and what they want.

Alfred said they want to kill them, Harvey surprise that Cat is involved. They explain him that she is a witness of Wayne’s case. Gordon said Dent believe the LoveCraft involve, they ask him then how they know.

Gordon asks Harvey to find them on street, he said Cat feels safe on street. He will find something about Lovecraft.

Bruce and Cat argue that they should go back to house and call police, and who they want to kill. They heading to city..

At Falcone’s house, Oswald is bring to ask how Maroni knows where is his money. He asks why he turn on him, he said never. He said it’s Fish, but he thinks that he hate her so much. He said he will find mole for him, but finally he didn’t tell him it’s Liza.

Dent and Gordon go to see Lovecraft to call off his assassin. Harvey and Alfred get information that Cat may be fence with Fish, Bruce and Cat now at the city. Bruce try to call Alfred, Cat now run from him. She said they are coming for her not him, but Bruce keep following her.

Alfred and Harvey go to see Fish, Alfred convince her to help them find them. Gordon go to see LoveCraft, he tell him the same people is target him too. He tell him about thing he found about Wayne’s dead.  Then he see strange woman and her man show up, she said she just need LoveCraft. He trick and try to take them down, but she knock him down. And follow LoveCraft when Gordon wake up he found him dead shot by his gun.

Cat and Bruce are captured by her fence, they are going to let them to strange woman. But they are trying to escape, Harvey and Alfred get address from Fish. They come to get them, Gordon also arrive. Finally Cat escape, Bruce is safe seem their target is Cat.

Mayor transfer Gordon to Asylum as Guard for punish him, because he doesn’t obey him.