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Gotham Season 1 Episode 9 Harvey Dent

Gordon takes cat with him to apartment, but he didn’t see Barbara. He found her note that she will away for a while. Cat ask him where she should stay, he said that at Wayne. He is asking sketch artist to get her description about guy who kill Wayne.

At prison, guards are doing transfer Ian. He is the bomber, he manage to secretly get something hidden in his hand.

At Wayne, Gordon shows Bruce sketch from Cat. Gordon tell Alfred that he wants her to stay, but he against it. He thinks it’s too dangerous but Bruce allow her stay.

While transfer Ian, someone rob the car. They comes to rescue him from guard, they kill all guard.

At front of Court, counselor Harvey Dent decided the kid whether he will goes to jail or be released by toss his coin. The kid guess it’s right, he tell him not to do bad anymore. He really release him.

Gordon, … and .. go to talks Dent about Wayne’s killer. He show him the sketch, Dent shows them Lovecraft. Since Wayne died, Lovecraft get a lot of profit. He said he will use his witness to get Lovecraft. He will leaks the fake news, even Lovecraft didn’t involve. People who did will get anxious. He said that no name of paper, so his witness will safe.

They agree, Gordon back to station. Harvey tell him about Hargrove, they said he never has accomplice.

Oswald goes to check Liza’s room, he search what is she hiding. When Liza comes back to her room, she found that her scarf is missing. She is scare.

At station, they question Hargrove’s brother. They think he should contact him, he tell them that he never kill anyone. The building he bomb is for drug, weapon, he thinks he did the good. He tell them actually he is sick, they need to find him.

Hargrove just finish bomb for people rob his transport, that people bring it wrap as gift to prison for the guards. While they are enjoy the gift, one of them hear the ticking. Then it’s explode.

Gordon and Harvey now need to find him more badly, the news now name Hargrove as terrorist. Enigma comes by show them the plate from the bomb, it’s belong some old factory in Gotham. They go that factory, and found Hargrove. He told them that he put the nameplate and Russian guy captured him here and threaten him to work. He said that it’s a plan against Falcon.

Russian comes in, they start to shoot at them. They get Hargove off, they lost him. At station mayor make the presser on them to find him, Gordon’s boss tell them that she did ask to get his brother in protection.

Dent get Lovecraft the meeting, he tell him that he has evidence to charge him now. He tell him that he has it tie him to Wayne’s murder. He laugh, he tell him he has no idea who he dealing with.

Harvey show Gordon the name of Russian that Hargrove said earlier, he used to be under Nicoli. But now nobody know, so now they have to find out who wants to do to Falcone. Everybody has issue with Falcone.

That Russian has a meeting with Fish, she said his boss died because of Falcone. He should get him back.

Enigma found the explosive that can penetrate iron, they guess that’s for Gotham Armory. Private company that belong to Falcone bought it, but they are too late. Hargrove and Russian are under it. They are going to explode it open, they are rob his money from vault.

During the moving money, police surround them. Gordon and Harvey also arrive, Gordon tell him that his family is safe. Butch is around there too, he denote the truck. Gordon get Hargrove safe, they see the money are burned.

Oswald goes to Liza’s room again, this time he show himself to her. She tell him that if Falcone found out this, he will get killed. He said if he knows that she is spy for Fish even he doesn’t believe at first. He dare her to call Falcone, when he is calling she afraid and ask him stop. He said that she should keep working for Fish.

Gordon found from Harvey that mayor send Hargrove to Arkham, he is upset. At Fish, Butch thought that she will upset because he lost money, but she said no. Mayor make the public relation about Hargrove’s case and the renovate of Arkham asylum.