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Gotham Season 1 Episode 8 The Mask

One guy is sneak out of the office, but he can’t leave yet. He got killed by another guy, the survivor show his victory on monitor. Next day that dead guy shows up near warehouse, Harvey and Gordon go to see his body.

Enigma when he check the body he found the finger of the other man, he asks if he has to run its print.

Today Oswald grab some one brooch from woman he found on street, he wrap it and gives to Fish when they meet. He goes to negotiate the term in name of Maroni, they finish the meeting without anyone dead.

Today Alfred send Bruce to the school, he said he needs to get some friends. At station Gordon found the dead is Coleman, he questions his mother. She tell him that his son is looking for finance job. He said he will find the killer.

Harvey and Gordon go to see a doctor, Harvey asks him about patient missing thumb. He seems know nothing, they will going to check the finance firm of that boy.

At night, the mask man gives the mask to 2 men in the cage, one of them ask him when he can get out. He said it’s up to him.

Enygma is going to autopsy the body, he is stop by real doctor. He tells him to get out before he expel.

At church Liza, the woman Fish send to infiltrate Falcon, has meeting with Fish. She wants her to drug Falcon and get 2 last page of his ledger from his private room.

Gordon and Harvey arrive at the finance firm, he see all of man there get bruise on their face. He thinks they are on right place, they go to talks to his boss Richard. They feel that he lie, he refused anything he ask them to prove.

Gordon found the tail of blood to toilet, then he notice the guy that lost his finger. He knock down Gordon and try to leave, Harvey close door and knock him down.

At station they questions him, he finally confess. Harvey tell his boss about it, Enigma come to tell her that since years 4 people are dead. But then Richard’s lawyer come seem he already buy him, he will takes a fall. Harvey said he will find all building belong to him.

Alfred goes to pick up him, he found him get injured from fight with other. But he tells him that he can’t do much thing on him. Alfred is upset.

Gordon and Harvey separate to find the building that Richard’s stage for fight. Gordon found it first, he get in and he is eye. He found men in cage, without aware Richard knock him down.

Alfred send Bruce to his friend’s house that he has fight with. He is surprise when see him, then Bruce start to punch him. He knock him down, he is panic he tell Alfred that he try to kill him. He said then remember it for next time.

Gordon wakes up and found surround by 3 men, Richard’s voice say that if one of them kill him they will be win. He warns them that he is a cop, Richard’s say that he will add bonus money. They start the attack.

Harvey is asking some police to help Gordon, but they all refused. He is upset, he yell them even they don’t like him fine. But he’s a cop, his boss come first to help. Then all of them start to help check the address.

Gordon knock them all, Richard with his sword comes in. He will get him by himself, they fight but finally Gordon get him. While he is going to use his sword on him, he stop. Then he heard someone call him, he found his boss comes with a cop. Richard get chance to stab back him, but Gordon avoid and punch him down.

Liza goes to see Fish at club, she tell her that she wants to quit. Fish say no, then she tell her about the night Falcon’s man kill her mother. How she promise herself to get power, she tell her that do not scare she will protect her.

Oswald now getting secret from one of Fish’s man. He tell him that he over heard she said that she has someone with Falcon. Before leave he said no body must not find the body.

At station, Gordon tell Harvey he will not stop until he get Falcon, mayor and all dirty cop. Before he left to home, cat is captured by cop. She asks to see him…