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Forever Season 1 Episode 9 6 AM

A young man threaten an old man about his smoking gun, he’s back to his car then someone strangle him from behind.

Next day Henry get call about body, he found the body is in car and burned. After he checked he found that he is killed before burned, he tell them that killer preserve evidence for them.

They found that he is strangled, Jo comes to asks about him. They also found piece of instrument in his month. They found victim is Isaac.

They¬†meeting with Isaiah’s sister, seem she notices the instrument. It’s belong to his Sax, she tell them last time she heard him he called from bar.

They go to meet his father, Jo asks him what he gave to him before he died. He tell them it’s a record, he said they know where to find him.

Jo and Henry go to Rudy club, ask bartender about Isaiah. At first he refused, then after they pressure him he admit that he was here. Henry notices the same box that missing from his car in bar, he trick him and get it.

He confess that while Isaiah is chatting, he sneaks it out the car to get it. Henry found the violin that used its string as murder weapon.

After questions him seem he’s not murdered, but it seem related to 6 AM. From their heard Isaiah claim that 6 AM is belongs to his father, not Rainey. They go to see Rainey, they ask him about Isaiah. He tell them now everything is digital no more reel tapes. When he left he shake hand with Rainey, he found that his hand is burned.

Henry thinks they might be able to find something from Isaiah’s car, they thinks while Isaiah try to fight back. He might drop something off from killer, Henry check the back seat and found cuff link DB (dovebird record from Rainey)

They bring him to question, they show him cuff link. He said he won’t say anything until his lawyer here. They can hold him for 72 hours, during this time they have to find evidence that Rainey steal 6 AM.

Henry found master reel tape in side the case that bartender steal from Isaiah, but when he try to play infront of Rainey it’s blank.

Isaiah’s father comes to station, Jo asks him about 6 AM he said yes. Before he left, he see the cuff links seem he knows it but he didn’t tell anything to Jo.

Henry get reel tape fixed from Abe, he play it to Jo’s team. Now they have motive for Raine, but seem Isaiah’s father confidence it’s not Rainey. They think may be it’s not Dove bird, they realize actually it’s Lionel’s son. Who play violin at Dove bird too, and that night he was on play at club.

Tonight Isaiah’s father show up at club, also Lionel’s son. Henry stop him from shooting, he said police already here to capture him.

At station, Lionel’s son confess everything include that Rainey also help him destroy body.