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Forever Season 1 Episode 8 The Ecstacy of Agony

A couple play sex in their room, she hit him again and again. Tonight Henry is so bored, Abs come back, Henry found that he is with Maureen again.

Next day polices fond that man in Alley, Jo and Henry go to check his body. Seem he is not rob, at morgue they found his body full with scratch and whips. And he dead because squeeze on his neck. Henry thinks he wants this for his pleasure.

They question his wife, she tell them he has therapy with Iona it’s not for sex. They go to see her for questions, they tell her about victim. They found her tool that can strangle him.

She tell them he is not died because of strangle but by electrocuted, Henry also agreed. They found the electrocuted tool in sewer, they might find the print from this.

Henry at night goes to see Iona, he asks her about electrocuted. She is going to show him, then Iona notices that he used to be hurt by someone he trusted. She said that something is missing, she goes out to find. Jo and her partner comes in arrest her for murder. Jo found Henry is on cuff…

Henry tell Jo that he thinks that she is clean, Jo tell him that she used to lost her license because she has an affair. Henry try to ask her about appointment so she has an alibi, but she refused.

Henry and Jo go to check her room for evidence, he found her appointment. But all name is alias, then Jo notices something after search she found bug at her room. And it seem it’s come from police.

Jo questions person who in charge of item, he tell them that Victim’s wife ask him to bug her.

Jo questions her, she found that she is Iona’s client. Jo release her, Henry meet her outside. She tell her that she likes him, she even kiss him. Somebody looks at them from far away. When she left, he following him and electrocute him.

Abe is frustrate because Henry is not back yet, he make dinner to introduce him with Maureen. She thinks that he is his son, he call Jo to help. Henry found himself in van, his kidnapper electrocuted him again.

Jo found his watch drop near the station, she check the security cam nearby. Jo found that kidnapper is one she saw before with Iona.

Jo goes to ask Iona about him, she said he kidnapped Henry. Iona said that he is cliff, after he act not appropriate to her. She limit the time with him, then she realize that she is cause of victim. She said he might seem her with Henry outside

Henry wakes up and found himself chained, he ask Cliff to make it quick. He said no, he will tortured him…

He keep electrocuted him, when Jo and her team come he has chance to direct it to Cliff. That knock him down.