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Forever Season 1 Episode 7 New York Kids

At New york Hero award, Tyler get up the podium and get his reward. Next day his reward become murder weapon, he’s killed by it. Henry and Jo goes to check his room and body, he thinks someone he knows kill him.

At morgue, his father comes to see them. He tell them Tyler has nothing, so it’s not about money. Seem he has no idea how his son at all, he said they will learn more in his funeral.

At his funeral, Jo and Henry found one of Tyler’s friend is very suspicious. They question him, Paul. While that Cassandra another of his friend comes to ask them to leave, …

Then they meet Carter the one with Tyler last night, he said after that Tyler leave to prepare his clinic. Henry  ask him about date 10 June 2005, he stunt a bit and lie that he doesn’t know. Jo asks him what’s about that date ? he show him their photo are taken on that date and he tattoo it on his chest. He seems doesn’t want to forget.

They questions her mother, she said that day they leave for summer vacation. She said after they back Tyler is changed and go to state university and commit himself for other.

At morgue, Lucas tell him that he found somebody hair at victim. He asks him to check with school database.

Jo and .. question Cassandra, Carter and Paul about Tyler that summer. They learn that Paul has his key, Carter has perfume from someone. Cassandra said that she went to see him few weeks ago she think they might be jealous. Carter said they knows about it, then he ask them about Tyler’s tattoo all of them avoid it.

Henry  tell Jo that Tyler back with Cassandra again, because she has same necklace as him. But she still with Carter because it’s same sense as her perfume. And Paul is also has something with her, they both hide it from them.

They found video in Tyler’s phone, he start to confess about something then Paul show up to stop him. They go to check him at apartment, they found him overdose. Henry  mix soy milk and baking soda give him to drink he vomit and awake.

Jo tell him that he won’t be able to answer any question until tomorrow, he found his book and he think he just goes there like he marks in book.

Jo found the name from Tyler’s video, she said that the family report their son missing on 12 June 2005. And also they found Paul’s credit card use to by some gasoline.

They go to Manorville, where Jo found this family. They first go to check gas station, they see the video feed of that night Paul bought. They found the bag they drop in near dumpster, inside they found the shovel.

Next they gather people to scan the forest, from Paul’s trail. He notice a young tree, he thinks it might grow from body. He said after he asked them few night, they come back here to destroy evidence. But seem they can’t find it.

From the remain, they found DNA from Cater, Cassandra and Paul. Henry  said that they hit a boy and buried him.

They bring all of them to question, Jo questions Carter she tell him that they found his DNA in grave, his video he pulling shovel so tell them what happen that night. Both Paul and Carter confess, but all of them said different driver. She confess that they hit the boy but didn’t killed Tyler.

Henry  he realize something, he check the list that Tyler make the donation. One of them match with gas station, which that boy worked. They goes to check the gas station, he shows her the possible weapon same as they found in his apartment.

They found Morris the owner again, Jo asks him for bank record. He said fine then he pull out gun and shoot at them. Henry is hit, he tell her to chase him.

She following him to forest, she found him and ask him to drop weapon. But he won’t, Henry shows up, he knows that Morris after knows who is Tyler he try to blackmail him but when he wants to confess he killed him, Morris now wants to shoot, Henry ask him to shoot him instead. Jo decided and hit him, he down she captured him.