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Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 Waiting for the Man

A man goes in the room with 3 girls, he asks them to help him on his marriage night. The other young girl running to the circus, she meet the man that said to her that she is going to die. 3 girls earlier show up and chase him.

She tell them that she sneaks from her house, she asks them why they are so happy. They tell her that they married to a man, they invite her too. They show her the squeeze mark on their neck, finally they recruit her too.

A man see all from his car, the police show up ask him to move his car. He asks to check his trunk, while he checking he attack the police.

Jimmy meeting with John about his case, he tell him that one of the detective dead while investigate missing person.

That man with his hammer and his rainsuit wander around the house, now he picks up the iron stamp. He burn it…

Jimmy, Zed and John go to check the body from his detective. John found that he is mark with iron stamp, he said that those girls taken by satanist.

While Jimmy takes a call, the body suddenly get up. It says that it is Gary, he tell them that John has bounty on his head.

At papa’s place, he wants something from his colleague to get bounty of John. He said he wants his life.

A young girl wakes up in room, she is very confusing. She wander around the house, she see some symbol on wall. 3 girls show up, she tell them she wants to go home. Jimmy, Zed and John go to visit the mother of missing girl.

But Zed get nothing, she is upset. Manny shows up and comfort her again, John looks around for girl’s belonging.

John cast spell to see what’s girl see, he tell them now he knows where she went. 3 girls are dressing a girl, they prepare her for marry.

Papa midnight created the creature, now he wants it to hunt John. John, Jimmy and Zed arrive to the circus where he saw.

John heads into one of playhouse, inside he is attacked by Papa midnight’s creature. It beats him well, Jimmy comes in and shot it down.

John asks Zed to get some vision, she see the police who is killed last night his body full with mark. Then she is panic when she saw a man with iron brand. She wake up, she start to write what she see.

Papa midnight release his crow, while John and other get the address from Zed vision. They found blood on the floor of the house, when they head upstairs they found the body of police of last night.

At night after that man comes back, he see his new marriage. He asks if she willing to marriage him, she said yes.

Papa midnight following his crow, he found John inside the house. He shot him to dead, he tell him that he is only chance to free the missing girl. But he said that his bounty is worth because it will free his sister’s soul.

He shot him dead again, then John change to someone else. John show up and knock him down, he call Zed. She tell him that Jimmy found that address is belong to a man. He killed his wife and claim that satan tell him to, now they are heading there.

That girl change her mind, she is running out of his house. John arrives at that house, he checked inside. He found body of 3 girls on bed, that man still looking for his bride.

John meet Jimmy and Zed in house, they looking for him. That man found his bride and drag her to the house, John found him and chase him away. Jimmy found him later, Zed show up and beat him down.

After done, John meet Manny. He thinks that he jealous of Jimmy, he also thinks their corporation is working. John doesn’t say anything and leave.

While Papa midnight is heading to station, suddenly time stop. Manny show up and release him. He asks him why he tell him that he must not touch John, and he said that Brujeria is working for him.