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Doctor Who Season 9 Last Christmas

One night Carla heard the noise on her roof, she get up and goes to see. She see 3 men arguing, and she see reindeer on sky. She see Santa and Elf, she is surprise that he ‘s real.

Doctor show up and tell her to get in Tardis, he tell Santa that he hope it’s right. When she get in, he ask her if she believe in Santa ? She said now yes.

At the north pole, some scientist make experiment. One of them Shona is terrifying what she’s going to do. She needs to enter room with 4 body, her instructor tell her not to thinks about them.

She enter room with listening music, she almost make it. Then she meet Doctor and Carla, she scream out loud. Then she start to scream because now they think about them, 4 of them get up. He surprise that as they blind and deaf how they can knows they exist ?

She said don’t think about them, he knows it’s telepathy. He tell them to close the eye, but they still coming. He said thinks about something, Shona start to sing Christmas song.

Shona’s team then barge in, they try to run off but something is coming from ceiling. Then there is explosion, the toys get in. Then they see Santa and his reindeer, Santa command them back to bed.

They seem don’t believe that Santa exist, he tell them there is invasion. Santa shows them “Dream Crab”, he ask them to help save Christmas.

Doctor and Carla talk to their leader, he thinks now they are dying. Now he wants to see footage, so he wants to see how they encounter them. Seem this team dig under the ice and found them sleeping, but when they think about them it wake up.

He said dream crab will induce dream state, they will see what they want and digest their brain. Carla goes back to lab she found that one of them is out, she try to thinking something else.

But it won’t work, it attack her. She wake up and see Pink. She get everything she ever want, then she notices the dashboard.  It warns her that she is dying, but she try to ignore it.

Doctor try to wake Carla but won’t work, he ask Santa to help him. He wants to communicate with her.

in Carla’s dream, Doctor show up try to convince her. He tell her to see her, he will dying too. He tell her that Pink is not real, Pink then suddenly help him to convince her. They just thinks that this is not real, then both of them wake up. Dream cab turn to dust.

After they wake up, all of them start to feel a bit pain in their head. He said that they are dreaming, he remind them when they met they are attacked by them. One of them said that they are rescued, he said yes but by whom ?

They all goes to see him, but he goes out to call. Doctor gives them the book, he said it’s a best test. They now realize that, Santa shows and tell them while they are speaking they are also dying.

They hold hand and then they found Santa disappear, then they wakeup. They get out the room. Doctor and Clara are leaving, she ask him what to do with the rest they are in danger ? He said they are not his responsibility.

Then he realize something, he run back to them. He asks them questions but seem they can’t answer at all, including Clara they found that they still dream. He tell them the 4 of them in room are them.

Then their body start to attack them, they run out side. They still following them, he tell them to thinks about something else. They see Santa with sledge, they hop in and fly away. They fly back to London, then each of them start to disappear because they are wake up.

Doctor wakes up and rush back to Carla, he help her to remove it. He found she is an old woman, then he realize again that he still dream. Now he wakes up again now he get young Carla, he invite her to travel with him.