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Constantine Season 1 Episode 12 Angels and Ministers of Grace

At night, a woman Taylor walk alone on street. She heading to the building, when she a man she tell her that she has her brother’s funeral tomorrow. He sell her 2 syringes of drug. She take it and stop in alley, before she put one of it. An ugly face man appear, he crash her down the floor and put 2 syringes on her.

Later polices come to the scene, while they exam her she suddenly awake. They take her to hospital.

At John’s place, he and Chas is scanning police’s radio. Zed wants to rest and escape from her vision, she hiding in one of his room. Manny shows up and tell John that Brujeria is gaining power, they must hurry. Then suddenly scry map is burning, now they have no map. He tell him to use Zed’s vision.

After he left, John ask Chas to get Zed and grab his biggest screwdriver. Next they arrive at hospital, Chas has his screwdriver on his leg.

Nurse takes him in, around the ER room. He found Taylor, Chas make the scene by pull out the screwdriver. They found Taylor with black vain, Zed has chances to touch her, she see vision about man with wing. She tell him that there is a while light and looks like it try to kill her.

Then Taylor life is dropping, doctor try to rescue her. Suddenly Zed also has seizure, they take her to MRI. John tell Chas that he is going to see Taylor’s body in morgue, they found her body.

He cast spell on her, they see her body full of dark matter. He tell Chas to check the Jasper’s archive about matter.

Dr. Galen goes to see Zed, John also there. He show them that she has a small tumor, Zed thinks that she has vision because of tumor.

A janitor is looking for bulb in closet, suddenly the room’s light is blinking. Ugly face man show up and attack him, he put the dark matter into him.

On roof, John attack Manny as soon he see him. He ask him that did he knows all the time about Zed, he is so upset. He wants him to heal her, but Manny refuse. He knock down Manny with his spell, he put the mark on him. After Manny wake up, he asks what he did. John said he did control him and wants him to heal Zed.

He tell him the reason he won’t stay long in one body because it will makes him lost contact to heaven and lost his power. John just see the sign of dark matter because of blink light.

They found closet where janitor is attacked, John found that his heart is filled with dark matter. Manny said that this is cause by black diamond,  He said that it was from sorcerer when he’s dead his black power gather but big flood scatter it around. Now every time it’s gather there is a body.

John is looking for clue, he ask Manny to use computer to find out what are common between janitor and Taylor. John back to his place, Chas ask him about Zed. He tell him about tumor.

John found the box of black diamond, he tell Chas that he will use it to find the clue about this. Manny is in hospital has problem to get information. One of nurse help him about it and she flirt on him, she said that she is going to give him the chart. He following her to the closet, then she start to kiss him. Seem they have an affair, she said to him now.

John tell him they need someone to touch it, to see what’s happen. Chas hold it in his hand, at first nothing happen then he start to shake. John tell him to drop stone, but he won’t and attack him.

John electrocute him,  he drop the stone. John tell him that now he knows what’s he looking for. He meet Manny at hospital and tell him about it, he said it double their strength, feeling wants to kill. Manny found that 2 victms are addicted, he asks him about who is filled with anger and madness.

Manny tell him that there is a man Morris that fit this, John ask him to help Zed. He will goes to deal with Morris.

Manny found Zed is talking with Dr. Galen about her surgery. He tell them about his past, he was the solider. When he left, Zed notices that Manny is not a doctor, he tell her the truth. She ask him several question about her ability, he comfort her with his words.

John goes to check Morris, but he disappear. He went down the underground for smoking, then ugly face man show up. He attack him, John notices the darkness. He saw he is attacked, he try to stop it but it knock him down.

Manny shows up and found them, he asks him what happen. John said that it seems Morris is not, Manny wants John to goes to see Zed. He also mentions about Galen, John notices something. He ask him more about Galen, then he realize that Galen is the killer.

Galen found out that Zed doesn’t want to cure her tumor, he is upset because she doesn’t want her second chance. John and Manny come in, John confront him about it. But Galen knows nothing about it, he use his piece of dark diamond. It try to draw together, he attack them and left.

They following him to underground, Zed rush to tell them now she knows what the while light mean. Now they are locked underground, Zed tell John that the white light is Manny. John try to reverse his spell, once done Manny disappear.

Galen comes in and attack them, Manny shows up and say to Galen that it’s time to come home. John said that only light from angel can fight the darkness, the white light is show. When done the dark matter drop and gathering in the box.