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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 Death In Heaven

Clara trick Cyberman that she is the Doctor, it cant’t kill her. At outside, Doctor try to warn them about Cyberman but instead of run they starting to selfie with them. When the Master is going to selfie herself with Doctor, a young woman comes in and help.

After she get her device, she said now. All people turn them against them, seem they are undercover agent. Then Kate is show up, she tell them to surround, they said they can’t hurt them. She throw them one of the head of cyberman, they start to fly out.

One of them count them about 91, the Master said that they will go one per city. The currently one here starting to explode, she said it will pollinate each city.

The agent put the master and Doctor in sleep, before he pass out he tell one of agent to protect the graveyard.

The cloud from explosion falling down as rain, it raining only in graveyard. Water is get in everywhere where there is a body, then body wake up as Cyberman. Including Pink.

He wakes up in hangar, Kate tell him now he is in charge. Now he’s earth president, they are waiting his command.

Clara still try to convince Cyberman that she is doctor, then new cyberman come in said that she is not doctor. He suddenly knock her down, and destroy other.

The master tell Doctor that timelord still exist in some dimension, but she won’t tell him. Around the world, cyberman start to raise from grave. Clara wakeup and found herself in graveyard, she start to notices cyberman climbing out.

the master trick one of the agent, she said if she learn her secret Doctor will happy. She said she will going to kill her, she start to count down.

She remove her cuff, and get her device and kill agent and guards. Doctor notices cyberman on plane, and the master is away. He goes to check her, she show up.

Clara notices cyberman that takes her there, it asks her about Doctor. She tell him she will never give up him. It looks sad, and remove his mask. Clara see Pink there, he ask her to help. He said there is emotion switch and he wants her to switch it on.

On plane cyberman trying to crash it, while the master tell Doctor the truth that she is the one who kept them together. Clara call him and ask him about switch, he said don’t he will kill her. She won’t listen and hangup.

The master destroy the plane and disappear, he is felling down. He see his Tardis, he enter it. Doctor stop Clara before she switch on, he meet Pink.

He ask him to looking for data, he is upset. Clara said she will do it, she turn on his switch. Doctor still ask him about cloud, the master shows up. She shows him that she control all cyberman.

She suddenly give them to him, she give him undead army. She tell him to conquer the university, she wants to prove that they are not different.

He then realize something, he start to thanks her. He then throw control to Pink, he tell the master that he will burn the cloud. He command all cyberman explode themselves and burn all cloud.

Clara now point her device to her, Doctor stop her he said he will do. He did but instead she disappear. Then cyberman show up, it point them to Kate. Seem it save her when she fall down the plane.

2 weeks later, Clara is wake up because she heard Pink’s voice. He tell her that with the master device he can travel back but 1 time  1 person, instead of he back. He send the boy that he accidentally killed when he was a soldier instead. He asks her to find his parent.

Later Clara has a meeting with Doctor, he tell her that as she with Pink now no more flying for her. And now he found his home, actually he found nothing he also lies to her. While she also lies him about Pink.

Now they are separate.