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Constantine Season 1 Episode 11 A Whole World Out There

Group of teenagers try the dark spell from unknown book, after they cast the spell. They found themselves in different place, one of them meet the man ask her to hide him. One of them see the man from the mirror, she scream out loud. All of them wake and send back to their place.

Manny goes to see John, he ask him about scry map. He said he wants to rest today, he upset Manny and make him leave. John goes to the place at scry map, it’s a university. He is in same class as those teenagers last night, after finish class one of them rush out the room.

He see the man from last night, he’s panic. Then he found himself is at last night place, someone block his breath. He collapse and back at university.

John actually goes to see the professor, he think that he is the source of scry map. But he said he is not, then he get called from his student he said he needs the time out.

John checked the victim seems he is killed, professor tell him that he is friend of his assistant Adam. He said that he wants to talks to him.

At night, during the funeral to the victim. John meet the friends of Adam, he found that his student and him hide something from him. He heard about cemetery, at night he goes to check.

Manny shows up also, they go to check inside. John cast his spell to check what’s happen, he saw few symbols on floor. He’s very afraid.

One of student while she practice her ballet alone at night, she saw a man last night in mirror again. She is sent back to that place again, she meet a man without his hand.

John goes to see professor, he tell him about what he see. He lurking and found out that journal of Jacob shaw is missing. John remember this one, seem he success to travel across the place. One day he shot his protege, and travel to another dimension to hide himself.

Adam talks to his friend that probably their friend missing because she travel back to that house, they should go back there.

At night, Adam goes back to that house he meet his friend. She is stabbed, she tell him that they need to hide.

John and professor go to cemetery, they found their body. At house, Shaw show up and start to cut Adam, they see his cut increasing he try to wake him up.

Next day professor tell John that they found another student died in her ballet studio, he blame himself about it.

John and professor come to see his last student, they tell her about Adam. She tell them that she told him not to go to that house, they ask what house.

At house, Adam and his friends found themselves still alive. He said that they are here because Shaw wants them there, he come in. He explain them the rule, he said he will choose weapon and he wants they to run.

John take them to his place, he said that Shaw can’t take her now because there is no reflection in this house. She thanks to him, she said that she will make a call to her grandmother. They try to stop her but too late, she see Shaw in her phone.

She is taken to his house, then she see Shaw at the back of hers. She run out the house, she found that there is nothing around the house.

She run back to house and hide, she meet Adam. John and professor try to get her back, he is so scare. John won’t listen to him and force him to go with him.

Both of them now are at the house, professor found himself alone. He finally meet John, now they go after Shaw. They found the dead end, professor said that he may can override his plan. Shaw also notices them, they found a room. Inside they found a young man hiding in blanket, suddenly he start to laugh. He disappear and come back as Shaw.

Shaw said here is his world his rule, he start to attack them. John convince the professor that he can win this is his rule too. He start to control his dimension, first he bring the sun. Then he make Shaw disappear, the dimension start to collapse.

John rush and takes him escape, they get out the house before it’s collapse. John goes back to get his student, she try to get Adam out but he couldn’t. John tell her now Shaw is goes forever, their soul are free.

John ask if he goes back what happen to the professor, he said he will stay here. He said he will create the world here, John try to convince him, he said he will be like Shaw if he stay here.

John now back, but professor still not come yet. Later not long, he following him back. Next day he goes back to live his life, he still teaching at university.