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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11 Dark Water

Clara call Pink to say how much she loves him, then suddenly Pink is quiet.┬áThen she hear another woman’s voice instead, she tell her that Pink is hit by car. She rush to there…

Later not long, Doctor call Clara. He asks what he can do for her. She tell him that she wants to see volcano, while she is gathering his key around.

Now Clara and Doctor are at volcano, she starting to throw his key. She ask him to save Pink, bring him back. He refused her. Finally she throw all keys, she says sorry. He tell her that look at her hand, he step in and take something out of her hand.

She wakeup and found they are still in Tardis, Doctor pick up all keys and tell her he wants to know how far she wants to go.

She asks him what now ? Doctor said that go to hell, she said fair enough and she is leaving. Doctor stop her, and tell her that they will go to find Pink.

He tell her that he and her has very strong link, he put her hand in Tardis. Now Tardis start to hum, seem it knows where is him.

Pink found himself in room, there is a suitman offer him a coffee. He ask where is he, he tell him that this is a place he will be next after die.

Tardis arrive at destination, they go out to check around. Inside they found tank with body inside, then they see sign about 3W then they meet a woman the one who also see the tree protect the earth.

She start to kiss him deeply, she said she is android who take care this place. She said her heart is maintenance by Doctor Chang. He comes in, he shows them around.

That man tell Pink that there is someone wants to meet him, he start to think about the war when he was solider.

Doctor ask Chang about skeleton in water, he said it’s dark water. It hide all inorganic, they ask him what 3W stand for. He explain them the reason why founder create this 3W. Then she heard the calling, she heard Pink’s voice.

Doctor asks her to confirm that he is Pink, he goes out with Change to check other tank. While a mystery woman tell all the skeleton to active, Doctor ask Chang why his droid is not obey. He said that is his boss, she kill him.

Part of darkwater down, Doctor now see they are cyberman. She tell him that she is time lady, Doctor try to get Clara. He run out side and found that he is in city, while Clara try to prove he is Pink. She tell him that if he’s Pink, she will be going to find him. He decided to stop her, he make her cut the connection.

Clara finally found herself in room with Cyberman, they walking out the tank. Doctor try to warn people on street, a woman tell him it’s too late. She is called the master, all cyberman are out the city…