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Constantine Season 1 Episode 10 Quid Pro Quo

At night the dark wizard cast spell through the fire place, it surround the young girl in room. She drop her doll.

John ask Zed about who try to get her, she tell him they are resurrection crusade. She said that their leader wants her vision. She tell him that he is her father too, Zed notices that the map is bleeding again.

They found a lot of people in that town are in coma without reason. John tell Zed that Chas is going to see his daugther, Chas is at home now but he found her daugther collapse. She is the one who get cast by dark wizard.

John and Zed go there soon they know, John checked and found that her soul is missing. He needs her belong to find out where is she, his wife comes and upset she doesn’t want to believe John.

John, Chas and Zed go to see his medium. At first he doesn’t want to help until Chas punch him, now he is trying to contact his daugther soul. She show up, John ask her about someone around her. She scared then someone turn in, seem he knows John too. He try to identify him but he left before John knows and it burns the medium.

From the spell, John drill down to few suspect. Zed wants to try to hold the books spell, she start to see vision about lab.

At first she is alone, then she found someone show up and cut her. He thinks it so powerful, now they are heading to that place.

At first it’s empty, John cast spell to show the building. There John meet Felix, he introduce him to them. He ask him who is he working for, he said he works alone.

Felix tortured Chas, John ask him to stop. He ask him what he wants, he said he want John to server him. Then he will release the girl.

He tell him about demon, he wants him to get rid it. They head out to do, John said that he stronger because of darkness. He asks Chas to go back with his wife, he and Zed will take care.

They go to the old warehouse as Felix told, John see it is feeding. They are so many place it can hide, Zed said that then let it comes to them.

Chas goes back to his family, he thinks about the night he meet John. He cast protection spell on him, before that place is burned down. He magically survive.

He lure it to the trap he prepared, Zed volunteer to lure it. It comes but his trap is not works, he charge it and electrocute it.

They go back to Felix, but he said they miss. They supposed to send it down not knock it. they try to argue with him. But he said he is changing the term, they have no choice but leave.

Chas is upset, he thinks John is failed. He knocks him down and goes to see Felix. He try to offer his souls, but Felix thinks he bluff. He killed him self to prove.

At hospital, Zed try to comfort Chas’s wife by try to communicate to her daughter. Zed then screaming and collapse.

Chas is revive, now Felix believes him. Now he agreed to make deal with him exchange all his souls with his daugther, John wake up and comes to stop him. Felix shake his hand immediately, Chas bind his hand with him and pull out the grenade.

His wife comes and see that, she freak out. After she calm down, he tell her now everyone soul will back to their body.

Chas is back and he goes to his home to see his daughter, he starting to tell her a story about souls inside him.

Zed wakes up and found John, he complain her that she should not do that it’s need years of training. She tell him about his mother, she said his mother said her death is not his fault