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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 10 In the Forest of the Night

A girl student is running lost in the wood, she found Tardis. She asks to see doctor, she said something is chase her.

She said she is one of Clara’s student Maebh, Doctor has problem about navigation system. It keeps tell him that it’s at destination, he said it’s suppose to be in middle on London. She tell him it’s right they are at center of London, they are in Trafalgar square.

Mr. Pink and Clara are lead their student at museum, one of the guard open the room for them. But when they enter, they found themselves inside the forest.

Clara call Doctor to shows that she discover the surprise thing, but he said if it’s about forest he see new forest in London already, and ask her to pickup her student. She after knows her name, she ask him to bring her.

All the world also notices the surprise forest, Clara and Pink now try to get their students home. Now they head to Tardis, they meet Doctor.

He realize somethings about time, when they are inside Tardis. They found the homework, it’s belong to Maebh. He now wants to see her, he said Maebh can lead them to the heart of forest.

They go out to find her, she is worry about them Doctor said Tardis is the most safe place. But Pink leads his students out of Tardis, Doctor and Clara found her phone. Maebh is running in the forest, she drop her item on the way.

She notices the men in suit, but instead she running out other way. Doctor and Clara following her path, they also meet men in suit. They told them that they are going to burn the forest. They did but not work, fire is out.

Doctor tell Clara that Maebh knows it that solar flare will burn the earth, and she knows before it happen. Then they start to hear howling, he said probably tree break out the zoo.

While Maebh is running, she heart the wolf. She found a wolf looking at her, she scream and start to run. Doctor and Clara heard the sound, they rush there. They found her, 2 wolves are after them. Then they frighten and run out, they see why.

There is a tiger coming to them, Pink comes and chase it away with his flashlight. Maebh start to running again, they all following her.

She stop, Doctor ask her to tell him what they want and where they are come from, she said that tree come from her. She thinks the forest will make everyone happy.

She start to wake her hand again, they think she see something they don’t. Doctor use his screwdrivers to show them, he ask who they are. They use her to talks to him, then they ask him to let them go.

Once Maebh back, Doctor asks her who send her to him. She said she thinks it’s Clara. He tell her now it’s going to end, she decided that not everybody needs to died. They go back to Tardis. When they arrive they don’t want to go, She said they bring him here to save him.

He get in Tardis and leaving, then he realize something. Doctor following them and call them back, he explained them that trees will save the planet. He said tress are their shield. But from news the government try to chemical the tree down, Doctor said they have to stop them.

He said he will call everyone on earth to leave the tree alone, Meabh volunteer to do the call. The kids are making the scripts, Maebh call them all.

When solar flare happen, Doctor and Clara watch it near by. Tree really protect the earth, somewhere a woman also watch it with surprise.

Doctor and Clara watch all tree disappear, he said they will forget like they did before