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Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

Invunche is moving toward John, he try to cast protecting spell. It bite him, he fight it back. He invited demon in his body, it heal him and make Invunche no interest in him and left.

Manny shows up and complain to him about it, he tell him at least he should call him to help. He is upset and won’t corporate with him on fighting with rising darkness.

Zed is wake up, she see some visions. She is on the van, she try to break out the van. The driver stop van and try to inject her sedative, she fight back and put it back to him.

Chas found John down the sewer, John tell him he invited Pazuzu in his body to heal him. Now he’s still possessed, he ask Chas to kill him if he can’t get rid it out.

But Pazuzu is too strong, he’s going to take control him. He attack Chas before escape, Chas call Zed for help. She tell him they need to find him before he hurts someone.

John wakes up and found himself among the bodies, spanish polices already surround him. He is sent to prison, he has a meeting with British consultant. He tell him that he might stay there for week, John tell him that he must get out tonight. He is upset and drag out by guard.

Chas goes to pickup Zed, she said that Marie might be able to help them track John like she did.

John pick the wallet from British consultant, he trade it with other inmate. In prison the victim’s relative are focus on him to revenge. John meet Manny, he ask him to help but he won’t. He ask his trader about chapel.

Chas and Zed go to see Marie, he tell her about John status. They want her to help find him, consulate goes to meet with someone. He asks him about John, then he eat him alive.

At Chapel, John is tricked by relatives of victims. They surround him in Chapel, he warns him not to poke the demon inside. They won’t listen, it takes control on him and killed them all.

He wake up in morning, all his inmate is afraid of him. He tell them now he run this place. He ask one of inmate what happen, he tell him that he killed them all. Marie show up, she tell him about Chas and Zed.

Chas and Zed go to see him at prison, she need to take the Exorcist recording and knife. She trick the guard with her beauty while Chas punch the guard and get drag in.

John meet Zed, she tell him that she comes to help. Marie also show up, she comes to help. She tell Zed that if this done, she should leave him.

At night, the British consultant comes to prison again. While John, Zed, Chas and Marie arrange the place to exorcist. Before they start, Vincent in british consultant body comes in. He was the evil that temp Adam to eat an apple.

Brujeria promise him that he will allow in world, now he comes to kill him. Vincente attack Chas, then heading to John. John ask her to stab him but instead Marie stab Vincente.

Guard comes in and take them away, he wake up and found locked up. Marie tell him that Zed is bring out. Chas also just wake up, they think if they can takes him to jasper house it might help.

They now try to sedate him to slow down Pazuzu, they takes him escapes from the prison. They takes him to jasper’s house, John tell Marie that the recorder won’t work. She need to speak it herself, she start the exorcism.

She warn them before start that the demon will use their weakness, so don’t listen to it. She starting, it start to take control of him. It try to weak Marie, she is going to give up. Zed remind her that she must forgive herself, and if she failed John Demon will get out. Then it’s her mistake.

She exorcism it out, John now safe. Before Marie left, she ask Zed to tell John about her past.