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Bones Season 10 Episode 22 The Next in the Last

Booth found that Brennan get offered for new job, he asks her about it. They are talking about change same as Angella and Hodgins. But seems she really wants to change.

Today they found the body in park, the body is found on the pillar. They thinks last time who did something like this is Pelant, but they all confirmed he is dead. So may be somebody takes all his works, Cam found flower in the body. The flower mean “to be warned”.

They takes body to the lab, Edison, Wandel also comes to help. They found victim is Franklin, he is working with computer.

Booth and Aubrey goes to check his house, Aubrey found woman and blood inside. They get in, that woman attack Booth but he put her down the floor. She is Leeliah, they used to go out so she comes to check.

Lab comes to check his house, they found that he might be killed for his information. Leelah tell them that there is a guy who threaten him Elickson.

At night Booth decided to tell Brennan that this case will be his last case, he will moves with her to somewhere. He get called tell him that now they found Elickson.

Aubrey questions him, seem he knows about Pelant and his missing money. But he said he won’t kill anyone, he said Dunlop company may involved it.

At lab they found the killer just mimic Pelant but he has not the same precision, next day Booth and Aubrey question Holt CEO at Dunlop. He tell them that all money from Pelant is gone.

Cam discover that Brennan also leaving, she is surprise. Hodgins also surprise after know this. Angella discover the mail between Holt and Elickson, Aubrey and Booth question him again.

At lab they found that killer can’t twist his wrist, Hodgins found that Franklin is shot by pizza delivery guy.

Aubrey and Booth go to questions him, they said the order is cancel and someone is pickup instead. From feed, they found that guy can’t be Holt or Elickson. Brennan notices that guy is Leelah.

Booth and Aubrey go to her room, but they miss her. Angella found that Holt make the tracker on one who try to steal from him, from that Angella found her near ashburn. She is going to get on train, if they miss her that they lost her forever.

She disguise as railman, Booth and Aubrey arrives at her car. They spot her, train are leaving. They spot her on other track, now she spot them too.

She beats Aubrey well, Booth comes to rescue him and cuff her. After done Angella tell Hodgins that she found his missing money, he tell her to leave it. She said ok but with one condition, don’t leave the lab yet.

Booth and Brennan leave their work. Angella shows her the tape from Pelant, Brenna stop her and doesn’t want to see anymore. Because he is a past, now they leave.