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Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 The Saint of Last Resorts

At church, a sister Annie Marie bring the candy to new mom she left them. She notices something lurking in the church. New mother wake up when she heard the noise, she see creature try to grab her son. She scream out loud, sister rush back found her dead. Her son also missing.

At John’s place, Zed tell him that she has nightmare. She shows him picture of Invunche, John tell her that they all gone with last flood.

Zed suddenly see a woman, she ask to see John. He comes and found she is Annie Marie. She tell him about creature that stole baby and kill mother. She said he owed her, so hurry and comes to Mexico.

He wants Zed to stay put don’t goes out so she should safe, Chas takes him to Mexico. Annie tell him about what happen, she shows him the place where it happen.

He notices the mice hole, Annie said it’s for mice but he said it can be something else. He try to determine what is it, he found that baby still alive. Now they try to find the link to baby, they head to father’s baby house.

They found fruit of human there, he tell his father who comes out and found them at front of his house. His baby alive and he knows who took him.

He tell him that Eve’s sister take him, now they have figure out which one. Baby’s father Hugo, he just received news that other baby is stole.

Zed goes out and meet Eddie, he takes her to drink. He tell his colleague that he got her now. She accidentally touch his hand, she see him with the vault. She invites him to her place.

John found that the new baby missing is Hugo granddaughter, he asks if he upset some gypsy ? He stunning, John wants to use fountain to review something. Annie is upset and afraid that his spell may hurt innocent.

He cast spell at fountain, before he done one of the sister comes to call him back. He notices that she is Eve’s sister Lamashtu. She turn and attack him, he stab her. She escapes.

Zed bring Eddie to John’s place, she trick him and captured him. She ask why he is following her, he said her father wants her back. He tell her name is Mary, she is very upset and knock him down.

John ask Hugo about his ancestor, he sure that he is upset someone. They go to ask his grandmother. She said that La brujeria is back, they are warlock. She said her father was one of them but leave them.

John tell Marie that he can’t beat La brujeria, may be they are one who after darkness. He thinks of some plan, he will lure Lamatshtu who work for La brujeria and capture it.

Zed fount that Eddie lead the others to comes after her, he said they are crusader they will always find her. She try to threaten them by killing Eddie, one of them shoot Eddie to death. One of them ask is she wants to awake or sleep. Zed start to run, one of them chasing her and fight. She lost her in one of his door, but she is injected the sedative by the other one.

John teach Marie how to trick Lamashtu, it shows up. Hugo shoot at it, and following it. They following her in to sewer, now it found that they trick her. John and Annie found the baby in cage, it found out and following them now.

John threaten it to kill one of the baby if she won’t answer his question. He asks why she works with La Brujeria, she said it will help her expand her domain on earth. He asks what is their plan, she said they found the way to break barrier.

She said that he has no power to stop her, he said he can’t but her old man can. He summon Pazuzu power to get rid her. Once done before they leaving they encounter Invunche. He has no idea how to do, Annie thinks of something she said she will shoot him so it will attack him. She and babies will escape.

It coming at him now…