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Dig Season 1 Episode 10 Armageddon Protocol

Peter goes to meet professor atel his dig site, he shows him place under dome of rock. He shows him warren’s shaft, he said they go through that passage and going to destroy the dome.

He tell him that he doesn’t want the www 3, Armageddon. Peter goes out side he get voice message from Golan, he said he is right. Peter rush to the scene, he found Golan dead. On the floor near him, there is name “Rebecca”

Peter rush to institute he trying to ask what’s Gregory tell Golan before he died, but he won’t wake up. He asks him who is “Rebecca”

Peter back to station, he see Golan’s lover. He asks him about Rebecca, he said he doesn’t know too. Outside he meet Golan’s father, they see the red moon.

Lynn is kidnapped by Liat and her colleague, she try to ask her to let her goes. But she won’t Lynn start to attack her, and grab driver’s gun and shoot him.

Peter goes back to apartment, Emma show up and said sorry. He tell her about foundation stone, she said this make nonsense. Peter tell her that he gives up, she said that he can’t. She notices sandstone on his shoulder, she wonders where is come from.

They notices something, Margrove and Donaldson both said follow the water. Peter rush out to see Golan’s lover. They think they break in to well of souls from foundation stone, he said it’s not possible. Peter shows him there is small pond there, he asks where is water come from.

He said all water comes from dam, Peter ask what if dam is destroyed. He tell him there is steel water door underground. If water flood, the door will shut down. That door called Armageddon protocol

At alley, a young boy goes to see white suit man. He gives him the knife. Emma  goes to see professor, he asks her if he buy it. She said now he should knows about Armageddon protocol, they should go to get their treasure.

While dressing, Josh wants to talk to Pastor.  He tells him that it will not works like Moses will never come. Pastor upset, Josh suddenly tell him to goes. Now he ‘s not longer need. He thought that what Josh said is a test from god, while he eating peanut it struck on him. He can’t breath and death.

Lynn send the completed message to Liat boss that the task is done, she notice someone with bike she ask him to help.

Peter rush to the dam, he notices a white man suit. He following him in dam, he found him at the room that filled with C4. it’s on timer, Essene ask if he can defused them ? After Peter checks it seem none of them can defused.

Lynn finally back to the embassy, she spot Ambassador. Josh now is at the organization. They are going to kill the cow, the boy get his knife in his hand.

Lynn call Peter, he tell her about bomb he wants her to find someone to activate Armageddon Protocol, she said the man just meet Ambassador should be.

Peter tell Essene that even they can safe city, dome of rock will failed. Peter notices Warren’s shaft, he thinks if he can open it may be water will goes down there. They rush to it.

Lynn also rush to Ambassador’s room because that man will be there alone, Emma and Professor also head to the treasure place.

Rabbi and Josh are going to kill cow to finish the ritual, Lynn use knife she found to threaten that man Krugman to listen to her. She tell him about bomb and Ambassador, she asks him to start Armageddon Protocol. Then Ambassador’s men barge in, she has no choice but hostage him. Ambassador’s said that she is crazy.

Lynn takes a risk by let him goes and surrender, she asks him to call. Ambassador said that she’s wrong. Krugman decided to believe Lynn, Ambassador against to the end he ask solider the escort her out. He called.

Peter and Essene start to dig the warren’s shaft, they break through it but there is a blockage down. Peter goes down to check, he found that it’s false floor. He asks for hammer, he will get it through.

Emma and Professor are waiting at front of steel door, now it’s open. Essene tell Peter to hurry the time is out, the dam is explode.

All people at the organization is escape, the cow now safe the boy following it out. Emma tell Professor that her father is right, it’s all about water. Professor is very curious.

The water break in the tunnel, Essene has no choice but jump to Peter. They hold the iron ladder at the well, the water goes through the well down.

Rabbi and Josh found that there is something is wrong, he said they should continue. He found that cow is missing.

At embassy, Ambassador is cuff and takes out. Lynn asks Peter how much people is involve? He said it’s her job now. He said he will grab his thing at office, he found file of Rebecca Donaldson.

Peter notices something, he goes to the room where Donaldson rent. From there it has hidden passage to the tunnel, inside Peter found Professor dead. He meet Emma, or Rebecca Donaldson. He now understand that she just want to revenge Professor.

She said that the plan is ok except she falling in love with him. She wants to goes out with him, he said for what she did to Golan no. She said only way to stop her, is to shoot her. She said she knows that he loves her, he said yes but he won’t allow her. In few minutes the polices will come here, she decided to kill him.

She still can’t, he walks away from her. Polices are coming, while he walks out sadly. At night Lynn comes to see him at room, he asks her that can he transfer to somewhere far far away…

2 weeks later, a boy takes the cows to lives some where in farm. He only wants him to died old.