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Constantine Season 1 Episode 7 Blessed Are the Damned

A man Zach comes with rattlesnake to the church, he talk with his sister that people needs something to believe. At church, among people he show them by let it bite. He fall down not breath, his sister try to rescue him.

In his hand he hold the red leaf, it grow. He revive, he touch other man with leg injured. His leg become OK.

Zed while in her class, she suddenly see the snakes around her ankle. She scream, they are gone. She goes back to see John and tell him about it, he tell her there is a preacher who is bite by snake. He come back to life and start to do miracle.

They are heading to Brianwood’s church, he is going to show his miracle soon. He just cure the blind man to be able to see. After that John heard him chanting Angel language, he tell her nobody use the power without consequence.

A man who is cure by preacher, who grown his leg. He goes to see doctor, suddenly his eye become red and he attack him to death.

At church, Zed and John meet preacher. When she touch him she see an shadow with the wing, John ask him about angel language.

A man who just attack the doctor walk down the road, he notices the police and attack him.

John and Zed found fish dead in the pool near the church, he said because the darkness and poison.

At church while Zach is happy for what happen, his sister tell him they may be should slow down. She is ill, John try to cast Manny. He ask him to help him about what preacher said, Manny refused. He tell him that he should face the sun.

Once he gone, he ask Zed to hum like angle language. Then they heard the hum back, they found an angel on the floor. She get up, she seems weak. They take her to abandon shed, she tell them while she is going to heaven.

Someone pull feather from her wing, she fell to earth. Manny show up, he said angel also can die. John said that they need to get that feather back.

John put the spell for protection the angel, they are going to get her feather back from Zach. At house Zach see his sister talk to cop, she tell him that 1st person who he’s heal is kill 2 people. She thinks what he dealing with is too dangerous.

She thinks he does something even before he has a power, he ask her to leave. John goes to see Zach, he tell him that he knows about the feather. He warns him about how danger is it. He try to grab it, he is push back with power.

He ask John to leave, while Zed is sleeping in tent near the church. She is drag out by 1st person that Zach heal, Nate. John comes and attack him, Nate let her go. They fight hard but finally he can kill him.

John explain Zed later that he is called Ghoul, Manny tell them that angel is weaker they must hurry. John said that problem is he has feather power on his side.

Zed goes to see Zach, she tell him that she wants to believe. He brings her to baptist, she get a chance and take the feather from him. Ghouls start to attack them, they run back to church. While John barricade the door, he ask Zed to get feather to angel.

Zach tell John that one night he though he hit a deer, but it’s not. John tell him that so where he is heading when he died is hell. John tell Zach that now they can’t let angel get the feather. Ghouls are break in and going to kill them both.

Zed put feather back to her, all Ghouls are back to human. Angel after get the feather, she turn to black Manny said that she is fallen.

She try to get out but she’s blocked by John’s magic to prevent the evil get in. John just arrived, he said the she gives feather to Zach so she can enter the earth. Then she command Ghoul to get feather for her.

She grab Zed and threaten John to lift the spell otherwise she will kill her, she said that she killed human. John ask Manny to help Zed, Manny decided to switch with Zed. He pull her heart out.

Zach try hard to win the people again in his church, Manny tell John that barrier between hell and earth are thinner. So that fallen angel can enter the earth, they said evil will find the way to get in.

At night Zed get call from Eddie, a man who hit on her in the class. Actually they plan the date, but she forget. Eddie is with someone seem they disappoint that she didn’t come tonight. Eddie said she will come soon.