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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 1 Into the Ring

Matty’s father found him lie down on road, he is hit by car. An old man tell him that Matty save his life by push him away, he suddenly said that he hurt his eye. His eye cover with chemical, he suddenly blind.

Today Matty is at church, he goes to confession. He tell him a lot of things, Father tell him that it may easier that he tell him what he did. He said that he is going to ask forgiveness for what is he going to do.

At pier, 2 men drag women to the container. One of them electrocute one woman until she pass out. He tell other to quiet, Matty with his mask is on the roof. One of woman notices Matty, that man turn around and get knock down by Matty.

Other men coming to him, Matty knock them down. One of them start to shoot at him, he escape from it and finally knock him down. He release all women.

Next day Matty is awake by called from his friend, they need to be with Real estate agent for their office.  They are going to build attorney office there.

2 Police men barge in the room, they found a woman Page with bloody knife in her hand. Near by there is a body. They arrest her, his friend get a call from his intel about this case. Matty and him goes to meet her.

They said that they are her lawyer, they need to talk to her. They introduce themselves, she feel not confidence to them. But Matty said that they should help each other, she start to tell her story. Matty listen her heartbeat and found that she didn’t lie.

At park, suite man goes to collect debt from old man. He threaten his daughter life if he doesn’t pay. But instead that he can works for them.

Matty tell Foggy after arrive at office that he believes her, at night in prison Page is attacked by guard. He is an old man who is threaten with his daughter, Page scratch his face and scream.

Next day, Matty and Foggy ask detectives to release Page. Otherwise the attack will be on news. They whisper together and agree to release her, Matty tell Foggy that seem they have a lot of evidences.

They take her to office, they ask her questions. She thinks she knows why she is a target, she worked with Union Allied. She is assistant of chief accountant, seem there is a destroy of hell kitchen. And they got a lot of money on it, she said weeks ago she accidentally read her boss email. It’s about pension fund, seem there is a fraud.

She try to tell the victim about it as he works in legal, then suddenly she is drugged. When wakeup she covered with blood of victim. She then suddenly wants to leave, she doesn’t wants to make trouble to them too.

Matty decided to take her to his home, he tell her that he thinks she has that file. That’s why she is not killed at first. She lied to him that she has not that file.

At night in city, top of construction building group of people has a meeting. A man who threaten old man in park show up, he asks one of them about cargo. They said that there is a maskman show up and cause trouble. They also talk about Union Allied, that man said he is take care of it.

At night, Page sneak out. She is back to her apartment to get the file, someone is in her apartment. He attack her as soon she get file, Matty show up and start to fight. They fell down the apartment, after a long fight finally he knock him down.

Page see him takes the file out of him, he said he will gives it to right hand. She said he can’t trust anyone, he said then he will give to everyone. He takes the man along with file to the newspaper.

In the car, that man who threaten an old man report his boss about Page, and her lawyer. Also about that man Matty beat, he said he will handled. They don’t interesting to get rid Page or her lawyer.

Page cooks for them to thanks them, she offer her help she can works for them as they have no accountant yet. She is hired.

Later an old man found dead (suicide ?), a man who captured is hang himself, Union Allied fund all money , all records are gone.

Tonight a boy is kidnapped after they knock down his father, Matty is on the roof hear his scream.