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Constantine Season 1 Episode 6 Rage of Caliban

At night there is a big fight in big house, a woman and man are killed. There is a girl Emily is survive. While polices are arguing the glass start to shatter while her eye turn black.

Today chas ask John where they will goes, he look after see map said Birmingham. They go to the house where Emily’s family is killed except her.

He break in the house, he also found Manny. He found there is a lot of telekinetic energy around here. Manny ask him about battle plan, while he check the scene. He found that Emily is possess by child ghost, she survive because she is the attacker.

At Henry’s house, he scream out loud. He said he see someone in his room, his parents come in and check but nothing. Later he is possessed by that spirit.

John found that there are several cases like this parents died but child survive. He goes to visit the child that survive the attack 40 years ago, now he’s in mental institute.

At night in Henry’s house, his father hear the noise he wake up and check around. He found someone moving in his house, he is jumping by Henry and step in the lamp. He tell him to careful before he goes back his room.

John found that all victim are fell in the Lay line that child spirit use to follow, at Henry’s house his parent is preparing pumpkins for halloween. When she’s back, she found that he break all pumpkins.

At night John with his device, it shows him that the child spirit is at henry’s house. He said they have to wait the attack.

Next day while he following Henry, he see he has fight with other kids. He end up break his skull, at his house his parent lecture him. He starting to angry.

He disguise as school counselor, he shows Henry the mandrake he start to freak out and thrown it away. He tell them that Henry’s possess, he father kick him out the house. He punch him and send him to jail.

At house Henry is angry when his parents start to fight and arguing, when they checked him his mother feels something in his. She visit John in jail, he shows her the other victims. She said she will help to get Henry’s back.

She inject henry with some sedative, then they go out to find the source. He takes them to the house of first victim, he will do the spell in room. He make the circle with them and call it to the circle.

He found that this first victim is not possess, he killed his parent by his own. John is thinking what he’s missing. Henry’s mother insist him to exorcist and help him, they head back to their house.

His father doesn’t agree after heard, they start to arguing. Henry is angry and knock down his father, John cast spell and chase him out. He goes down the street, John following him.

He following him into the ghost house, he lock him inside. He looks around for him, he finally face him. He knows now who is him, he is marcello. He exorcist him out Henry, he goes back to his body.