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Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 Danse Vaudou

In New orleans night, a man just leave the bar. He is the cop he accidentally see 2 women bump to each other. They arguing, then one of them stab the other with scissor. He try to stop her by shooting but it won’t effect.

At his place, John is fixing zoetrope while Zed is try to focus on map to find something. He said it help people to clam down and focus, Zed stare at in then she see the vision about mother and son. She is teaching him shooting, John tell them that now she has link to the map.

Chas check the map, now they are heading to New Orleans. They arrive to ally where 2 women bump each other. He cast spell on his device, it turn to blue. He said recently there is a spirit visit there.

Chas said that there was a cop there he said he shoot but miss, John tell them that if he miss they will see mark on wall which it’s not exist. Cop Jim is show up, he thought they are con. Zed notices that he is that boy she saw, John give him the card but he is not believe him.

At night a man pickup the boy Phillip from road, he said he is heading to city. While John and Zed go to their room, when lift open Zed see big tree with scar.

Philip disappear from his seat and show up at front of him, he freak out and hit the tree. He died. Chas takes them to the scene, they found that victim before died he ask where is Philip. Cop Jimmy just arrive at scene, he arrest John.

Chas found the woman with scissor at the alley, he try to stop her to kill a man. But he is stabbed by her badly.

Jimmy tell John about woman Misaki, she was a model before she is injured by other model. The model who attack her now out of prison, about Philip Jimmy tell him that he was died in accident. He has one grandmother, he tell him seem they are awake by something.

An EMT found Chas on the street, he suddenly wake up and his injured is heal. He asking for spare shirt from them.

John meet the woman who injured Misaki, seem she is feel bad to hurt her. She said that after she talks to Misaki it makes her feel better. She talks to her though Papa midnite. Zed goes to see Phillips’s grandmother. She said that she talk to him by contact medium Papa midnite.

At night. Clark’s wife wants to talk to him. She goes to see Papa midnite, while she talking with him. John comes in, he tell him that he didn’t just talk to them. His magic raise them, he won’t listen him but put him in sleep at the trunk.

Jimmy found Zed in middle of the road, he wants to help her to find the clue. At papa midnite place, he talks to cedella. He ask her that John tell him the truth?

In morning, he goes to visit Madaline. Last night she want to talks to Clark, now Clark is revive. He found that she is very weak, he is back to his car where he found John free.

He tell him that there is some magic work against him, he tell him that they need to stop this. John said he wants to talk with his sister, he agreed only if this success.

Chas is looking for Misaki again, while Zed and Jimmy finally found Philip hitchhiker. They pick him up, on the way she ask him question. Then he disappear and show up at front of them, she hit him with the car. He disappear.

John and Midnite go to the grave, they go to see clark grave. He put spell on his body, then he will burn thier corpse so their spirit will gone.

John found all of them woman who attack Misaki, Phillips’s grandmother and Clark’s wife all of them feel guilt to the dead. Now he put all their corpse on fire, Zed and Jimmy will try to get Philips again.

She found him and pick him up, she tell him about his grandmother. He ask her to pull over, while John and Midnite argue that whose spell not working.

During fight, John notices something. He invites all relative here, he said Midnite didn’t raise the spirit but they did. Because they feel guilt, they convinced them to let them go. They cast spell again, all of them gone for good.

Jimmy tell Zed that he remember her from missing person file, when she touch him she see him cover with blood.

John wants to talk to Midnite’s sister as deal, Cedella tell them that the darkness is coming by someone close to him.