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Bones Season 10 Episode 20 The Woman in the Whirlpool

Group of christian are on their rutal, while he put a man in pool once he get up he get the remain at his back. Booth is at the group for addict, seem he doesn’t want to shared his problem.

Aubrey, Hodgins and Cam go to check the scene. Booth comes to the scene too, seem Hodgins has to go down to get the remain missing arm.

At lab, they found that remains belong to employee at thompson hardware Leslie. Aubrey and Booth question her manager, he tell them about her on phone with her daughter.

At lab they found that Leslie is poison for a long time, they think it must be by her close. Booth and Aubrey go to check her daughter Courtney. They found her is moving out to campus, they tell her about her mother.

She tell them about her obsession about jar, Hodgins found that she is poison because of the jar. At lab they found the cut in her hand.

Angella found her post to Cheryl that could ruin her business, Booth and Aubrey go to talk to her. They found her with her belonging that full of rust like they found in her body.

She tell them that Leslie and her make a deal with some jar. But she change her mind and give to a man with a huge price. They tell her about Leslie, they check her rust stuff but they can’t find anything.

Angella found the fews days ago, Leslie try to see one of her jar but later she remove the post. Cam found that Leslie might spend a lot of time at her under roof.

Aubrey and Warren goes to check, they found a man hold baseball jar in his arm Scrott. He tell them he’s there to hide from her daughter, he wants to get the jar back. He said she sell it to him then she takes it back.

Angella found the her daughter try to sell all her jar while she’s not home, Booth questions her about it again. She tell him that she just wants to make her love her like the jar.

Brennan and Warren found that campaign bottle is the murder weapon, which they found near victim body. From fingerprint it belongs to her manager, they knows that he is locksmith. Leslie make him pick lock and she get in to steal the jar from Scott, he tell them that while she cleaning the jar. He try to break them, she try to protect it. She is cut by the bottle and bleed to death.

After case done, Brennan allow Booth to see Christine.