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Constantine Season 1 Episode 4 A Feast of Friends

A man Gary just land and enter the immigration. He just back from Sudan, he has a bottle with him at immigration they question him. He try to warn officer not to open the bottle, but he won’t listen he drop it. Several bugs come out, they start to fly and enter he officer body.

John and Zed are sitting in the park, she feels like she is drugged. Then she start to see pennies falling, John knows that Manny is coming. They talk about her ability.

John takes her to his place, inside they meet Gary. He comes to ask him for help, he tell them about Sudan. He meet a man with demon trap at him, he release it from his body and trap it in bottle.

At the airport, the guard who get the demon inside start to grab the food in restaurant. Finally he stop and end up death, the demon fly out his body.

John with solomon ring, try to make trap bottle. Zed asks him about new castle, he try to escapes the topic.

At the department store, a woman see the demon bug comes from the sink. Later she start to grab the food and eat, one of guard try to stop her she start to bite him.

John leaves to take care the demon, he leave Zed and Gary together. She ask him about new castle, he tell her about their trip to new castle. One of his friend is possessed.

John is at the scene, he asks the witness about what happen. They tell him that the bug comes out the woman and go in to the delivery guy.

John track him to the freezer, he found couple of workers died there. He also notices they are now at the one of the employee woman. He cast them out and try to put it in his bottle, but they are too much he break his bottle.

They try to enter him, he escape and lock them inside the freezer. He back to his place, Zed tell him about what she saw after he touch him.

John leave to see Shaman, he tell him about the bugs swarm and where is he original found. Shaman tell him that they are Mnemoth, he doesn’t know how to get rid them. He wants him to see his head, they start to see his head.

They see that this demon growth stronger for hunger of people, to protect other people the shaman invited it to a body. It will consume the body and itself, but too bad it’s not according his plan.

Gary try to get out to face the demon, Zed try to stop him he touch her so his feeling overwhelming her. John comes back and found Zed, he tell her that he’s going to get drug. He found him is beaten by drug dealer, he rescue him. At bar they start to talk about New Castle’s event, he is hiding while their friend is drag to the hell.

They just found the demon now is at Fox theater, first they break in the museum to get Kusa’s knife. Before that Nanny show up, he said he wants to do. Gary get inside to get the knife.

They are heading to the theater, they found the demon. John tell him to contain them they need the body to sacrifice. Gary realize that he’s that container, he cast them from the victim. They enter Gary, he put the pattern cast on his body.

John takes him back to his place, Zed complain to what he did. He is very in pain, he scream out loud while John hold his hand. Nanny comes to see them.