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Bones Season 10 Episode 19 The Murder in the Middle East

In Iran, mask man throw the body down the ladder. Vaziri call Cam from Iran, he notices a man following him. He is abducted by men to the van. Cam call Booth, Hodgins and Angella.

Vaziri is taken to the morgue, he meet Namazi he saw him at the parliament. He threaten him to help him identify the body to prove that he’s good.

He found that the body is Namzi’s son Darius, he wants him to found out what happen to his son.

Booth, Hodgins and Angella try to found way to help him, now they decided to go to Iran. Booth and Cam go to Iran to find him, they meet a man that his friend arrange. That man tell them that Vaziri is taken by Namazi, he leads them to Namazi.

He give them 2 tickets to get out country, they convinced him that they can stay and help him.

At lab they get the recording from Vaziri’s phone, they try to figure out where they take him.

They found Vaziri at the morgue, with Booth’s deal they are going to help him to found out what happen to his son.

They contact to Brennan’s team, they explain them the body details. Brennan tell them from the scan of the skull, his son is murder and push down the ladder. Cam tell Namizi that now their works are done, they found what happen to him.

Namizi tell them to continue the work until they found out who killed him otherwise nobody leave.

They question Darius’s brother, he tell them he has no enemy. He worked in bank, in crime scene he found no blood. Booth tell him he’s wrong, because the door’s knob is wipe clean.

Booth question the bank manager, he tell them about problem Darius about loan’s refused. Seem he worried about it, Booth thinks they should take a look about that loan.

At Brennan’s house, stranger man Jimmy shows up at door. He tell her that he comes to collect the debt of Booth. He threaten her to paid, he gives her number.

Booth questions the man that goes to see Darius, he said he never meet him. But he see Darius argue with foreign woman.

Cam found that the victim has something with the dog, so they might need to looks for foreign woman with dog.

Brennan talks to Aubrey about Jimmy, he said he will take a look at him. Booth goes to question the foreign woman, she said she is his lover. They are in love, later when she comes back to see him. She found him with dog, she ship dog back.

Namizi after knows he son was act not properly, he decided to stop the investigation. Vaziri and teams disagree and wants to find the killer. They convinced him to agree with them to continue the investigation.

They found also they try to access Darius’s computer after he died, Angella found that he’s Darius cousin. Booth confront him about it, he confess that he try to protect Darius from his father.

Namizi comes to tell Booth that they need to leave in 1 hour, the police knows them now they will captured and put in prison.

Angella thinks that his father kill him and call the investigation to check they have enough evidence to tie him.

Brennan found that Darius might killed with head of staircase. Boot said that at bank they have that, Angella also found the email about Bank’s president. Seem he is a killer and the one who shutdown their investigation.

While they are talking about him, the polices break in and captured them. But his friend comes and rescue them. They go back to home safety.

Aubrey tell Brennan about his debt are done, once Booth comes back she confront him about his debt. But he lies to her when she ask him about gambling. She kick him out the house.