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Arrows Season 3 Episode 23 my name is Oliver Queen

Ra, Oliver and Nysaa are head to starling city. Their plane suddenly broke, Ra said something is wrong.

At the prison, all of them surprise that they are no died. Merlyn explain that Oliver need to Ra to trust him, and his blood is vaccine he draw it from his blood. That in on his skin, so all of them alive.

Felicity said that they still chained, Merlyn said they have to wait thunder. Flash show up help Tatsu and everyone in prison. He said he can’t help them with Starling city now they need to believe Oliver.

On plane Ra thought that it’s Nyssa that sabotage the plane, Oliver get up and said it’s him and his name is Oliver Queen. They start to fight, but he failed to stop Ra. He jump to the city. Oliver and Nyssa goes to control the plane and land down.

Merlyn and other come back to starling city, he tell them they are back up plan. He need Laureli to move Lance, Felicity to stop airborne contagion. Then Oliver and Nyssa show up, John punch him.

Oliver explain them his plan, John said that now they have problem with the trust. He said now they have no time, they wonder why Ra doesn’t start yet. They are looking everywhere for him, finally they found him. Seem Ra is here to take down his nemesis. So they plan to trade his nemesis with virus.

Ra tell Oliver that he release the virus in 4 vehicles, he is not able to stop all of them. Laureli goes to convince Lance to help them, Oliver ask Felicity and Ray to find where Ra will launch the virus.

Now they have 4 locations, Lances finally believe Laureli he moves the police. His teams goes to these locations, Ra invites Oliver to see him. He has to goes otherwise he will always keep threat his home.

John notices a guy with briefcase. He is beaten but Thea show up in red suit to help him, John found that there is no virus in case. but the guy it’s a virus.

Oliver goes to see Ra at the dam, they are going to fight. Merlyn and Canary managed to kill Ra’s men with out blood. Lance notices them on dam, they are going to shot them. Oliver is beaten again, Felicity wants Ray to fly to help him but he said he has to be here to help entire city.

While Ra is going to killing him, Olivier get chance and kill him. Police sniper shot him down the dam, he falling down Atom comes and rescue him. Felicity is inside.

After done, Oliver thanks everyone to make them win tonight. He said he can’t be Arrow anymore but city still has heroes. He and Felicity will leave far away.

Merlyn become the new Ra, Ray make explosion while he experiment on his nano suit. Oliver and Felicity goes away.