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 Bones Season 10 Episode 18 The Verdict in the Victims

In prison, Rockwell refused to get anything from guard. He is approaching his last 48 hours. Bones found that Rockwell body can’t be the killer, Booth and Cam are very confusing. She explain them, so they have less than 48 hours to safe him and find the killer.

They go to see the judge, to ask for postpone the execution. But she can’t so they ask to exam the other body instead.

Booth and Aubrey question Salz about Rockwell’s car. They thinks he has best chance to plant the evidence, he refused and seem he has an alibi.

Booth goes to see Rockwell to ask more info, but he refused to cooperate. He goes to see his ex-girlfriend and his Pasteur, but seem they don’t want either to help.

Flender comes to give some infomation about Rockwell, he said he wants to help. Angella found that the first victim might has connection to serial killer.

Booth notices Brennan that serial killers might have kill someone in last few month during Rockwell is in jail. FBI now is looking for the last victim, now they found the new place that can be for a new victim.

They go to get the search warrant, they found the victim in ammonia’s tank. They try to convince the judge but she won’t help until they get hard evidence.

They found the last victim is Tracy, they found that Saltz and Tracy are on same NA meeting. They found that Flender has all links to all victim, he is the serial killer.

Brennan found small mark on each body, she believe that it’s a weapon. As it is holy he will still keep it. Breannan is calling Booth.

They searching Flender’s place, Brennan tell him that it’s a compass. Booth notices something on the wall, he found the murder weapon. Rockwell is still alive.