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Arrows Season 3 Episode 22 This is your sword

In past, the whole city is chaos. Olivier and Tatsu looking for medicine to help Akiko. But at last he’s pass away. Maseo tell Olivier that he wants to find cure from Shrieve. They threaten him to give them cure.

Ra tell him that Maseo give him the virus, he wants him to marry Nyssa and bring virus to starling city.

Tonight John is running after one man, he lure him to his gang. Canary comes to help, they fight with them and know them down. John seem not himself, he almost kill one of them.

Felicity thinks John is not OK, he said yes he’s angry about Oliver. Felicity said that he died the day he join the league.

Thea tell Merlyn that she is going to see Roy, he thinks it’s a good idea to leave starling city.

At Nanda Prabat, Nyssa still upset that she has to marry Oliver. He said that he needs to get some air, while Nyssa hide her knife. Outside Olivier found Merlyn, he tell him that he’s late. He tell him about Ra’s plan, he tell Merlyn that they need help. Merlyn said both of them has no longer trust from his friend. He said he knows who can.

Maseo found Oliver alone, he tell him that he’s gone long time. He said he needs to think.

Thea found Roy (as Jason), they goes the his place. At night Felicity goes to see Ray, he feels that she has problem. He tell her she is his friend, she can talk to him anything. He trick her to sign some paper. She receive the message from Merlyn, she goes to see him.

Laureli, John and Felicity are called by Merlyn. He tell them that Oliver fake his action, none of them believe him. Merlyn said he knows none of them believe him, so he bring Tatsu with him. She tell them that their city is danger.

They seem don’t believe them, Merlyn said that if they do there is airplane ready before sunrise. He gives them infomation about virus.

John and Laureli believe about virus, they willing  to go and help. Felicity said even it’s real, she can’t go there.

Ra goes to see Nyssa, she still refused to marry Oliver. He tell her story about her mother, he gives her mother jewel.

Tatsu comes to see Felicity, she tell her about Maseo. She tell her that she should fight to get him back.

At night, John, Laureli and Felicity comes to see Merlyn and Tatsu. Felicity threaten Merlyn that if he betray them world will know how to find him.

They are near Nanda Prabat, Merlyn show them the plane that will carried virus. Now they are surround with league, they fight with them while Felicity try to stop plane. Tatsu is now fight with Maseo, Felicity failed the plane is takes off.

She tell Merlyn that she has insurance, atom is coming after the plane. He try to shot the plane down, but he is shot down too. Tatsu finally can kill Maseo, he thanks her for save him.

Ra and Oliver show up, he said they failed they didn’t destroy virus. Now they are surround by the league. Oliver ask them to surrender or die, they are all captured.

Oliver tell them to trust him, Ra ask them who tell them about his plan. Tatsu tell him that it’s Maseo. Ra tell them that now they are not killed because of incoming wedding, Oliver said it’s his.

Thea tell Roy about Oliver, they are thinking what’s to do. At prison, Oliver ask to see John. John tell him that he lost everything from him.

Merlyn goes to see Ra, he tell him that Oliver lies to him for all the time. Oliver show up, Ra ask him about what’s Merlyn said. He said he will prove.

Thea found that Roy is leaving her, she decided something. At prison, Ra takes Merlyn back, Oliver comes with him. Ra put the virus in the prison, while his friends asks for help.

Oliver is going to marriage with Nyssa. During the ceremony Nyssa pull the knife but he block her. They continue, while all of his friend unconscious.