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Bones Season 10 Episode 17 The Lost in the Found

The large group of people scan area in forest to search the missing Molly, one of them found body on the river. Hodgins, Cam and Booth go to check the scene while Angella, Daisy and Brennan go to yoka class.

From the body Aubrey found that one of the people is Tyler. He ran out when he saw her body, he also has a long history.

Booth and Aubrey question Tyler, he said he didn’t do it. Angella confirmed that the body is belong to Molly.

Hodgins found that Molly is kidnapped before she is killed, Booth and Aubrey go to question at school. They meet her mistress, Amelia. She told them that they reserved her room with no one touch. But they found 2 students looking for something in her room.

They are Arianna and Cayla, they said they looking for her diary to protect her secret from her family. Aubrey found her diary, they ask them what actually they are looking for.

Daisy found that Molly is stabbed many times, Booth and Aubrey found that 2 girls are not her friend, from her diary Molly is bully for a long time.

Angella found that Kathryn’s bead fell at crime scene. Booth and Aubrey questions her, she tell them usually Arianna and Cayla are drinking at her room with Molly.

Hodgins found that Molly climb down her dorm to meet someone, seem she didn’t be kidnapped.

FBI found the bag near the river where they found Molly, they found scissor that can be the murder weapon.

Angella found that Molly has her nude picture on internet with her phone, on her phone she get a lot of message and seem her picture come from Tyler.

He tell him that she did for his drug, but Aubrey said they can’t find any trace on her. He said he doesn’t know but he is going to jail for take her nude photo.

Hodgins found Cayla’s name on the scissor they found, but according her damage Cam think that she is torn by more than 1 person.

Booth and Brennan go to the school again to questions Cayla, Arianna and Kathryn. They tell them that scissors belong to Cayla, Car to move her body belong to Arianna. Cayla confess that they have drinking in their room, Molly bring the part of vodka. Once they wake up she is missing.

Brennan said that just part of vodka can’t knock them down until morning, they are taken and suspect for murderer.

Hodgins found that Molly get the pills that make her numb and feel nothing, Brennan then realize that she found the cause of death.

Brennan tell Booth that her parent try to knock down 3 of them with pill in vodka, but she found that Molly suicide. She try to frame 3 of them for her own murder.