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Arrows Season 3 Episode 21 Al sah him

Al sah him is training with Ra, they make him forget who is him. One night Maseo captured John, seem he comes to see Olivier. John tell him that they lie to hi, he is captured here for weeks. Ra give him sword to prove his loyal.

He ask Sarab to give John sword, he said he won’t kill unarmed man. He killed him, but he checked him again he’s not John. He tell him he wants to show him something.

In past, after virus is out. People start to die, 3 of them are leaving while Tatsu try to reach her son. They spot Shrieve’s men give the vaccine, but actually they give the virus. They decided to attack them.

Ra show Al Sah him the place, he tell him about his mistake in past. Al Sah him ask what he wants him to do ?, he asks him to get rid his rival.

Black canary still on duty, she chase after mugger. He fight her back and injured, Nyssa comes to help and teach her the technique. She takes Nyssa to dinner, Laureli tell her about Olivier.

Nyssa is upset, she tell her like her nature she always keep the secret like she did to her father. She tell Laureli that she should leave, Olivier will comes to kill her as she is his rival.

At John, they discuss about how they will work without Oliver. All them said that they will never forgot him.

At night, league’s men comes to starling city. Nyssa and Laureli try to explain John and Felicity that Olivier is dead now he’s brainwashing. Laureli wants to help her.

They tracking Nyssa, Thea comes to see Felicity. She said she wants to help them, she tell her that Olivier might back with League to kill Nyssa. Thea wants to help but Felicity so disagree.

Olivier found Nyssa at the roof where Sara’s died. They start fight, he beat her down easier. Black canary and John show up and stop him, he left without say anything.

Maseo tell Olivier that he should not face her alone, he said he has to lure her out. Thea ask Merlyn to help him to stop Olivier, he asks what is she wants.

John takes Felicity home, he notices something wrong. John get call from Oliver that Lyla is with him, he ask her to bring Nyssa to him then he will let her goes.

John wants Nyssa to turn herself, Laureli refused about it. Laureli thinks must be a way to help Lyla other way.

Lyla try to talk sense to Olivier, but seem he doesn’t listen.  They come to exchange Nyssa and Lyla. They have plan and attack them, but at last Nyssa is captured. Laureli is hurt, John is beaten by Olivier. He is going to kill him, but Thea in hood comes to stop him.

They now realize that Oliver is gone, at Nanda prabat Oliver bring Nyssa to Ra. He found what she hide in her weapon, Olivier is going to kill her. But Ra stop him, said that she ‘s not your rival anymore.

Ra tell Nyssa to marry Al Sah Him, she is freak out and scare.

In past, 3 of them destroy all virus and takes Akiko to leave city. But Tatsu found that Akiko is infected.

Felicity goes to comfort Thea, Felicity tell her that Roy is alive. She wants her to goes to be with him.

Ra show Oliver that virus, he said that Nyssa steal it to stop his heir to unleash it. Ra tell him to unleash it in Starling city.