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Arrows Season 3 Episode 20 The Fallen

Olivier comes to see her while Thea still not died, he rush and takes her to hospital. They could save her life, but doctor tell him that she may survive but she will be not awaken. Merlyn comes to see her too.

In past, 3 of them see the solider unload something from truck. They found they arm the bioweapon, Maseo said they will unload at place with crowd. Olivier steal the car and following the truck, the solider shoot at them. Olivier and Tatsu success get the truck, but it’s a decoy.

Feilcity and John comes to see him, then they see the smoke. Seem the league wants to see Olivier. He is going to see him, but instead he found Maseo. He tell him if he take his place, he can bring her back.

Olivier is leaving, he said he has the way to safe her. Merlyn said he’s right, but the water will changed her. Olivier still wants to goes he need the way to there.

Felicity goes to ask Ray about his jet, he say OK. Ray also tell her that he knows that she is in love with Olivier. She left.

Olivier and his team go to Nanda prabat, they meet at army of league and Ra. Maseo carry Thea, while Olivier do the rutal.

They put Thea in the pond, after rutal done. Thea jump out the pond and kick Olivier down. They calm her down, Thea doesn’t remember Olivier but Merlyn.

Olivier ask them to get her back home, Felicity is upset and goes to see Ra. She said she won’t allow this happen. Ra talks to her, he tell her about his family. He get the same choice to his family, he tell her instead of talks to him she should good by to Olivier.

At night she goes to see Olivier, he seem confuse and doesn’t know any more who is he. That night she stays with him. Then she drug him, she said she can’t lost him.

She wants Malcom to tell them about hidden passage to get of here, he said it’s in temple. She tell him to get Thea and then they will leave soon.

They carried him and Thea out, Maseo also comes to help them. They going not far then they are corned. Olivier wake up and stop them, he send them away. He said good bye to them.

In past, Tatsu tortured the solider and get the place of bioweapon. They are now looking for it. They found a man who hold the virus but during attack virus is out.

Thea wake up, she doesn’t remember in past 2 days. Merlyn tell her that Olivier join league to save her.

Felicity goes to see Laurel and tell her about Olivier, she cry over her.

Ra ask Olivier about the traitor, Maseo accept that he’s. Ra said he will not kill him, who did that is Maseo. He needs to help Olivier, Ra tell Olivier that like Sarab he needs to remove Olivier Queen. After ritual, now Olivier Queen is dead. He is now al sa him.