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Bones Season 10 Episode 15 The Eye in the Sky

They found the body at industrial shred, Booth, Cam, Warren and Hodgins go to check the scene.

From lab they found that it’s a Jeff. He works as the mover, Aubrey goes to check the company. His manager said that he and  Dustin get complains from client. Seem they fight each other.

Booth and Audrey questions Winston, they ask him about Jeff’s gambler. He tell them that last night Jeff play poker and win a lot.

Booth wants to go to the poker’s game to catch the killer, he manager the booking there. At the games he meet several players, and also there is a camera.

There are a woman gold digger, a man with mid-life crisis, … . After he tell Angella about the camera, she tell him to put his phone near the server so she can hack. Booth create the incident and ask to check the tape. Angella connect and download all feed from that night.

Warren found that Jeff is stabbed, near the thai restaurant. Hodgins, Cam and Warrent looks around the scene. Booth thinks he needs to goes back to the game, he will ask the guy at game around.

While Anglella check the player’s financial, seem they are normal. But one of them Midlfe crisis man has bad financial, divorce and house is taken. But this morning he get the large amount of money in.

Hodgins and Warren found that Jeff is murdered by baseball bat. Now they have all evidence on Mid-life man Nate.