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Arrows Season 3 Episode 19 Broken Arrow

At national bank, guards found the red eyes man. He shot both of them died with his eyes.

At station, police takes Roy in. Laureli tell Lances to release Olivier, he can’t charge him with same case. He has no choice but release him, she tell him that she’s there to be sure that both of them are not in prison.

Olivier goes to visit Roy, he tell him he always want to be punished after he killed officer. He said the city need him more.

Merlyn try to convince Olivier to accept the Ra’s deal, he still refuse. At lair while they discuss how to get Roy out, they see news about red eye man. He ask Felicity to check with START lab. Lances comes with police to search his┬ábasement. He will get all evidence to get to him.

The officer tell Lances they found all fingerprint match to Roy only, seem they plan it all. He ask them why they don’t wipe out Roy, he ask to call Barry to take care meta-human. Felicity said that now he’s busy, she suggest Ray.

She takes Olivier to see Ray, she tell him they need his help to cache this guy.

In past, Maseo ask Olivier to get in the ARGUS. He found Waller seem they prison her for week, she said Shrieve held her hostage. She tell him that Shrieve wants the virus to release in Hong kong and blame triad. She tell him to leave Hong kong asap.

Olivier tell Maseo and Tatsu about it, seem they can’t leave Hong kong easier. He thinks they should get vaccine instead.

Thea goes to visit Roy at prison, he doesn’t to lie to her so he doesn’t want to see her. Olivier tell Thea he will find the way to help Roy, Ray comes in after he check the bank. He get the face of that meta-human, he’s Jake. They found him, Olivier wants to go out but Ray said that he should not show up.

Olivier feel that he’s not ready, Ray convince him that he can handle it. Ray goes to the warehouse, seem lost his focus. Ray walk around but see no one, then the light start to flick. Jake is show up, he shot him with his red eye. Ray shoot him back, seem Jake can absorb the energy. He is beaten but at last he escape.

Once he back, Olivier lecture him how to fight. In prison, Roy is ambush by other prisoners. But he beats them down.

Thea found that Lance bring police to search her apartment, she tell them to leave. He tell her that Roy is attacked in prison.

Ray and Felicity found the way to trace Jake, Thea comes to see Olivier tell him about Roy. Olivier said that he is going to break him out, John try to stop him. But he said he’s not going to lose Roy. Felicity convinced him to let other people help him.

Lances try to convince Roy, he tell him that he deserved there. Felicity sneak in power plant, she meet Jake. Ray and Olivier found that she is hostage by Jake, but she manage to attack him with gas and run out.

Olivier wants to be there to help her, John try to stop him. Ray said he should use his suit, Ray fly there and let Olivier control him. Ray show up on time before he is going to kill her. Olivier control his body and fight with Jake, but at last Jake hit him and lost his control.

Ray is beaten bad, Olivier tell him to fight with his heart. Ray start to fight back well, he knock him down finally.

At prison, the inmates try again to kill Roy. But one of the guard distract him and stab him, Olivier goes to see Thea he see Lances is with her. He tell him that Roy is killed.

Olivier is at his lair, John and Felicity come and sorry him. He tell them he should not listen to them, but this is his choice. They said probably he can’t forgive them for this, he see Roy. They tell them that he fake his dead with ARGUS ‘s agent help. Now Arrow is dead, Olivier is clearn, But he has to leave the city.

In past, Olivier, Tatsu and Maseo sneak in Shrieve’s base and get some vaccine. They get some vaccine, Olivier tell them he will stop Shrieve. But Tatsu said that they should do example for Akiko.

Ray takes┬áJake to STAR lab, Cisco ask him about Jake’s last address. But he found out that Jake is not in the Central city the night explosion. How he can be a meta-human ?

At night, Thea meet Ra. She try to attack him but he killed her.