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Arrows Season 3 Episode 18 Public Enemy

Maseo shoot at Felicity, cops and everyone in the room. Ray rescue her on time, but he is shot. Lances see a man in Green suit escapes from top of building.

Olivier and his team see Lances on news, now he press charges on the Arrow. John tell him they need to find  this man, Olivier tell him the is Maseo. Now he doesn’t know him anymore.

In past, Olivier help Akio escapes. He accidentally see Shado, but she said she is her sister.

Laureli try to stop Lance, he suddenly ask her who is him. He said he will do necessary to stop him.

Roy is with Thea, they also see the news about Arrow. Lances press charges for all of them in Arrow’s team.

Doctor tell Ray and Felicity that they found some thing in his body, but as he weak they can’t do much thing. Ray said that he has technology that can cure him, but doctor said he won’t risk the patient life. Then her mother comes to see Ray, Felicity get her out.

Olivier goes to ask Nyssa for help, he wants she to track down Maseo. He tell her Sara would like her to help the city. After that she back and tell them she found him, they are at league safe house.

They go there but they found nothing, but John found something near by. Olivier and Team found Maseo on the roof, they fight with the league. He beat down Maseo, then Ra comes. He said him that he should be next Ra or captured. Police surround them.

They escape, but Police are every where. Olivier ask them to leave he will be a decoy. Roy and Canary are chasing by Lance. Lances corner Laureli, but Nyssa comes to rescue her.

John pickup Olivier near by, they escape. Once they are the liar, Roy still missing. Olivier call Lance try to make sense to him. He just tell him to turn himself, seem he failed to convince him. Roy is back seem he safe.

In past, Mei takes them to her house. She ask how he knows her, he lied to her. She said her father and Shado are kidnapped and never come back, they think they died. When he changed his cloth, Mei see his tattoo like her sister.

At hospital, her mother convince her to do inject to Ray even it’s risk. Ray is already in risk, at least she take a chance.

At night, Lances meet the league. Maseo captured him to Ra, Ra tell him who is the Arrow. He is back at station, Laureli comes to convince him again. He said he upset because actually he is the reason that Sara get killed. He tell her that he knows.

While she’s going to call him, he said he already send the police to Olivier. At hospital her mother trick the doctor to leave, Felicity will inject nanobot to fix Ray. After inject, he seems fine, then he has seizure. Later after she comes back, doctor tell her that his problem is gone.

Olivier comes to see Thea and Roy, he try to comfort him. Then cops storm in to get him, he run off.

In past, Mei ask about his tattoo. She said he lies to her, now she already call police. He cover them while they shooting at them. Both armed men comes in, while Olivier is danger. Tatsu and Maseo comes and help him.

Lances tell the press that the Arrow is Olivier Queen, he has no where else to go. He goes to John. Laureli, Roy and Felicity comes to see him, they ask him to leave. He leave and said only place he can goes.

Olivier goes to the station to see Lance, he turn himself. Later Laureli, John, Roy and Felicity come to see him, he tell them that he ask immunity for them. He ask them to trust him.

In past, Olivier tell Mei that he knows her family. They gone because protecting him, she thanks to him.

Lance take Olivier himself to custody, he ask him about Sara on Lien Yu island. Then the car is stop, a man in Arrow stop it. He said he get the wrong guy, he is Arrow. He open his mask he is Roy.