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Bones Season 10 Episode 13 The Baker in the Bits

A man is chasing by the other man, they chase until to blasting zone. He thinks that he is safe, but unfortunately blasting zone still active and it’s active tonight. His remains scatter all the area.

Vaziri and Brennan check the his remains at lab, without skull it’s difficult to identify him but Cam found part of tattoo. From the evidence, Booth think if they track back the footprint stop at fence they might found where they begin.

From tattoo, Angella can identify the victim he’s Corner. Aubrey goes to check his room, he met Sabrina she is Corner girlfriend.  He ask her about his tattoo, she doesn’t know seem Corner really wants to start good life.

Booth and Brennan goes to check his workplace, they point them to Pemberton. He used to try to rob place with Corner, he comes to threaten Corner when he found him.

Aubrey questions Pemberton about him, he said that he try to video him so he can put him back. At lab Cam and Angella found that Corner run with drug all the time for 30 minutes.

Aubrey question Sabrina again, she finally confess that she knows that and try to make him stop.

Aubrey questions one of his colleague, he tell him that Cornor plan to rob the store. They found that he and Sabrina tried to rob the place as she is inside man. But she refused him, when he questions her she said one of his colleague will work with him might angry but she doesn’t say who.

Vaziri found the trace of power in his heart, they can pin point where he get it. Booth and Brennan questions his manager, he insist that he will side with his employee he thinks that they are clean.

At lab angella can cut of buildings and left one suspect, Booth and team goes to check this building. They found the place where Corner’s captured. They also found the burned bones, and tattoo get out from body.

Seem they meet the serial killer, but they found all connections for each body and Corner and Alex his shop assistant manager.

Booth goes to check him at shop, his manager said he didn’t show up. He said he will help them to get him out, he found Alex beating at his manager because he set him up. Aubrey shot him to immobilize.