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Arrows Season 3 Episode 17 Suicidal Tendencies

John and Lyla are marriages, Olivier found that he is late. Ray and Felicity come as couple, John get message that their minister can’t come. Ray offer that he was minister, so he can be their.

In the ceremony, all of them receives message that Arrow killed. Lances say it press conference that the survivor confess it’s Arrow. Laureli is there tell the press that they will investigate before press charges. Ray is there too, he said they want Arrow to apprehend for trail.

Olivier thinks Ra try to turn city against him, he wants them to check the next target. And he wants John and Lyla on their honeymoon. They agree to leave, but they meet one of suicide squad Deadshot in their car.

Waller brief them that there is a terrorist attack at tasnia, they captured one of Senator. She wants Lyla to lead the taskforce X and rescue him. John decided to go with her, other then deadshot they also see cutter. 4 of them are at the tasnia, they are looking for sign of terrorist. Lyla tell them that they are there just get Senator out not other hostage. They start to fight, Lyla tell him not to.

In past, dead shot used to has wife and daughter and house. But seem her daughter is afraid of him, he start to upset. His wife asks him about it, he threaten his wife with gun. She call police.

Roy and Felicity found next target, Olivier tell them he will handler this alone. He rush to the warehouse, but Ra is there already. He killed all criminals, Olivier found him and shot him. Then he found that he’s not Ra, then other Arrow show up. Maseo also show up, he said he can’t kill them all. He said they did to persuade him. They all escape.

Ray in his suit, found Arrow after he scan his face he found that he’s Olivier. Felicity comes to his office, Ray tell her that Olivier is the Arrow. He said that now he knows that she work with the Arrow for whole time.

She tried to convince him that he’s not killer, he is upset that she lie to him for whole time. He tell her that he will bring him to justice.

At lair, Olivier is checking the evil Arrow’s arrow and his. Seem they are identical, Felicity comes in and tell them he knows. She tell them about Ray and his suit, Olivier is surprise but he asks why she just tell him now.

Ray at station talked to Larueli, she tell him that it’s impossible. Ray thinks that she is protecting him. She tell him that if he’s going to use this in court, he might end up lost everything. He said she’s right then he has to do it by his own.

At tasnia, 4 of them barge in and rescue Senator. He said this is wrong, they are not to suppose to send anyone here. Senator point gun at them and said they should not come. While is going to shoot Cutter, deathshot rescue her. He is shot, they retreat to other room. While John try to fix him, he see his brother name on his chest.

Senator broadcast in other room, he said that actually they are mercenary they work for him. He did for his poll number after he solved situation, but now they make his hostage to victim.

Olivier goes to see Ray, he doesn’t believe him. He knows canary and Arrow, Olivier said he should believe her judgement. He has no idea what city is against, Ray said he will takes him to justice.

Lyla found the there is thermal strike there, they are going to died. They sorry for their baby, deadshot said that they will survive.

In past, organization comes to see him and offer him a work. His first target is John’s brother.

Olivier tell Felicity after talk to Ray, he tell her that he’s unstable and he will be next victim. She said he should happy, they argue about it. They found the next target, he goes out with Roy.

Once they go there they found no one but the Atom, he attack them. He knock down Roy, Olivier fight with him. Olivier get chance and destroy his suit, he said to him if he was a evil he will died now. He said but he need to prove to her, she choose him.

At Tasnia, 4 of them barge in and rescue all hostage. Senator tell them to stop otherwise he will blow them all. Deadshot shoot the trigger out, now they help the hostage out. He wants to help them out, so they can get to their daughter.

Felicity goes to see Ray, he apology her for not trust her. They are good now. Once Lyla’s back, she tell John that Senator paid the hostage to quiet. John tell Lyla that he will leave the Arrow. He can’t be both, Lyla also resigned from works too.

Ray tell mayor that the Arrow is innocent, while Laureli and Lances argue. Mayor is shot by arrow. It’s Maseo, and he also aim at Felicity.